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How do I know my concentrates in my sidekick oil can are done?

The SideKick is more designed for flower, and we no longer recommend using your SideKick for oils.  While you can, if you tip it over, it gets messy. We do LOVE to add some concentrates to the stir tool and mix in with the flower.  We add about a cannabis seed size amount and mix […]

How hot can the Gillson synthetic opal terp pearls get before they start to melt?

We do not know this.  But what we do know is the glass gets to about 2000 degress, and the opal is put in there without melting, so it is more than that. No way someone is getting their banger that hot, and if they do, WOW, they got some skills, but these should be […]

Since we can Customize the SSV, can we customize the Wax Maxer

The only thing we can really do laser engrave the black MOD.  Our laser is not powerful enough

What is more important to the quality of your dabbing, the piece and function vs the quality and thermal properties of the banger?

ah, we feel for the overall experience pure knowledge is always best, with a little experience on top. If you are new and on a budget, a good banger is what you should get first.  Nice and thick to hold the temperature.  If you are a connoisseur, upgrading to a Silver Surfer E-Banger is the […]

Can you pierce your friends ear with the character picks.

Sure, but make sure it is steril.  We highly recommend not to.  Go to a professional and get it done.  Your ears, nose or whatever will thank you in the long run, and they even have good jewelry, unless you like that pic

why are smaller glass pieces preferred for concentrates?

Some feel the flavor is enhanced with a smaller rig.  We find that is a myth, but we do like having a nice small rig to hold in your hand while doing dabs rather than a big giant bong.  Really whatever you like is what is best for you. With the bomb in dab rigs […]

How is frit made?

Frit is made by crushing glass up to small parts.  Then the glass is sifted into different sizes from a powder to a large coarse grain of sand.

Can people make their own waxes and oils for the aroma top?

Yes, of course.  Any fragrant or essential oil will work in your aroma top. NOTE, if you have the old all glass aroma top, NEVER EVER put in cold oils in a hot dish.

Why is my bowl igniting when i use my super surfer with the bag setup?

The heat is too high. If you are used to using your Surfer with the whip and go to the bag, you will need to find a new fan sweet spot.  This is a lower temperature. Your fan uses a slow steady airflow, while when you inhale it is usually much faster and then also […]

Why do joints or cannabis cigarettes run?

This is usually because the herb is too dry and or the papers is too dry. It can also be that the joint was too tight, or too loose. What to do if it runs? Well, spit on your finger or get some water on it, then wet the run in front of it so […]