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What is the difference between clipper and bic lighters?

The Original Bic Now we grab a lighter without giving it a second thought, but disposable lighters didn’t hit stores until the 1970s. In 1973 Bic stared test-sales of a disposable lighter that provided 3,000 lights. Today, Bic is America’s best-selling lighter and available in more than 4 million retail outlets with a seemingly endless […]

Why would terp pearls melt in my banger?

This would be because your terp pearls are made of plastic or some kind of other material.  Only use terp pearls that can withstand a lot of heat Opals Soft Glass Quartz  

What is the proper way to fill a torch with butane?

Hold the torch upside down and press the butane nozzle into the torch nozzle acceptor. Learn more at our blog.

Why do people use filter tips when rolling a joint or blunt?

They help to maintain the shape while rolling. Your airflow becomes easier to flow and is the main purpose. Also you can say goodbye to roaches, no sticky lips or burnt fingertips!

How Do I Find The Product Manuals For Vaporizers

You can find them by going to out manuals page.

How are decals put on glass?

Very carefully. We use distilled water and soak the decal until it separates from the backing. We carefully place the decal on the glass and then make sure there is no water spots. We let it dry for a day and then make it at 1100 degrees. The silver decals we use are made of […]

What type(s) of ceramic are used in the heating elements of the 7th Floor Vapes?

The ceramic used on 7th Floor vaporizers is Alumina.  When this is sintered the ceramic gets the same crystalline structure as a ruby.

Is there a purpose to the 45° angle opening on older style bangers like the Quaves?

We feel this was just done to make it look good.   Over time and with more and more carb caps the angle has been removed and a flat top banger is the banger of choice. Affordable angle banger Thick Elev8 flat top banger

Why do I not see water pipes with carbs on them anymore?

With glass on glass water pipe and slider pipes, your joint where you pull your bowl from becomes the carb! This actually works better as the fresh air with comes through the water to push the smoke up and out into your lungs instead of a slipstream from the side adding in air. This will […]

What type of sand or abrasive is used when sandblasting glass? Is there a special type?

There are all kinds of abrasives that can be used. Elev8 Premier uses aluminum oxide.  Below are other types of abrasives used for sandblasting. Aluminum oxide Glass beads Crushed glass Plastic abrasive Silicon carbide Walnut shells Corn Cobs