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Can All Elev8 vaporizers also be used for wax?

Yes, all the desktop models can.    The SideKick is not recommended to be used with concentrated alone, but can have a small dab added to the flower.

IS it possible to make a recycler Ferankshenaw?

Yes, one already exists!  

I need to buy the rubber part above the buttons on the Sidekick that vents to the bowl.

This is not a normal part that we sell on the site.  You can call into customer service and we can get you one for $5

Is there a style of bowl push specifically used for using screens

Most bowls are made for no screen.  Metal screens can easily mold to fit most any bowl.  There are also many other glass, ceramic and metal screens available.

Is there a style of bowl push specifically used for using screens

Not really.  Metal screens can form to most any bowl, and glass screen and many other screens to fit in most bowls.  

Elev8r Rig Kit build SOP

Each kit is handmade, the team does their best, but glass can be difficult if the stars do not fully align. Standard to look for in the glass Height The height of the Elev8 Rig adapter can vary slightly, the goal is shorter, but here is the highest acceptable Below is the next part to …

My knob is loose on my SSV or DBV

If your knob is loose this is an easy fix.  With a little aluminum foil you can have this fixed in a jiffy. Why does this happen?  We are not 100% sure.  The knob is a pretty tight fit.  Over-turning the knob can cause this to happen potentially.  The knobs is big and a little …

what is the benefit of the bubbler mouthpiece on the sidekick?

The bubbler mouthpiece on the Sidekick Portable vape allows the vapor to be cooled even more, as well as add some moisture back to the vapor. One can also use the SideKick water pipe adapter.

can the ssv be used without the mouthpiece?

Yes, one can use just the tubing without a mouthpiece. You can also use a water pipe adapter to connect to nearly any rig.

will there ever be different quartz banger styles for the EOK kit.

As of right now, this is the best of the best we have.  Easy to clean and easy to use. See all our Elev8 dabbing machines SSV dab dish DBV dab dish