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What are the Pro’s and con’s on the Carta vs the Puff co

Both of these devices are good units for vaporizing your concentrates.  The pros and cons are. We feel the carta is a better buy.   The batteries are removable and replaceable.  The heater is more affordable, and they both work about the same.  The puffco peak is all hype.  If you want a dab rig that […]

How do you clean and clear the holes out of the terp typhoon?

The easiest way is to just heat up the banger and then inhale.   Sometimes the oils as the banger is cooling flow up the walls and into the holes.  Heating it up will help melt the oils and allow you to inhale. Another idea that came our way from a user is that they inhale […]

What is the difference in the HFA FOR SSV AND SUP

Currently, the SSV and SUP use the same HFA.  In the past, the SSV was a bit smaller due to the fact that it was made for the original wand.  Then when we moved up to the new spherical that worked too. The SUP advanced to the spherical flavor disc wand which was made from […]

What is a downstem, and its purpose and the difference between a natural downstem and not natural.

A downstem is the piece of glass you put in the bong that allows the smoke to travel thru the water.  Going through the water helps to cool and filter the smoke.   Learn to measure a downstem See all our downstems we sell online

How is it that our flavor discs only need a regular lighter and not a torch? How do you use it correctly?

The flavor disc only needs a lighter as it produces enough heat to vaporizer oils.  Our flavor disc is made with a lot of surface area but little mass.  This allows the flavor disc to get hot fast. To use the flavor disc all you need to do is lay it in your pipe, or […]

How does our Sidekick portable flower vaporizer compare to the Crafty and Mighty by Storz-Bickel?

For the price it is amazing.  The crafty and mighty do deliver a slightly larger hit, but the flavor of the SK is amazing!  The SK is a better value overall, more affordable, has a stir tool to keep your hit fresher, and you can change out the batteries in the SK so it can […]

Crafty Vaporizer By Storz and Bickel

You can also view our blog  The crafty is a convection-conduction hybrid vaporizer that works with both dry herb and concentrates. It comes fully equipped with the Crafty device, micro USB charger (short cord), two piece grinder, filling aid, cleaning brush, extra o-rings, three screens, and a liquid pad. It also has a built in […]

Ascent Vaporizer By DaVinci

The Ascent is a portable vaporizer. It comes with the Ascent device, two glass mouthpieces, two internal glass stems, two glass oil jars, a stir stick, carrying pouch, battery charger, and three replacement screens. To begin vaping with this device, pull or twist the bottom of the device so it opens and exposes the herb […]

7th Floor and Elev8 Product Training Videos

Sales Training Videos: The Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV) Super Surfer Vaporizer (SSV but internal is SUP) SideKick Portable Vaporizer  (SK) ELEV8R Vaporizer Wax Maxer Personal Portable Vaporizer Pen Desktop Vaporizer – overcoming objections for Sales Training Concentrates in the 7th Floor Desktop Vaporizers  EOK (essential oil kit)  Elev8 Sales Training Learn about the custom repeatable glass for the 7th […]

How do we fill up our Glycerin Tamers?

This is a product that we no longer make.  We have UPGRADED to our full all-glass vapor tamer.  This is so much better, cools better, looks better, and if you do ever have an accident you have beads that you can use in other things, while a glycerin tube is a useless mess.