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How does Rez block work? does it actually stop the build up of resin?

Rez Block works by coating the surface of the glass with an oil.  This oil helps to prevent resin from sticking to the glass.  Yes, with regular water changes it does help to keep the resin build up lower.

what would be the effects of a pearl within an auto spinner nail with drilled holes at 55, or 65 degrees rather than 45 degrees?

We feel the air is going in at an angle and will deliver the same basic effect, 55, 65 or 45 degree angle.

How do diffuser beads help to cool down vapor?

There are a few ways the beads can help cool smoke or vapor. You can freeze the beads and add them for a cooler hit The beads allow the vapor or smoke to be diffused more, allowing the smoke or vapor to come in contact with the water more, essentially cooling it more.

Had a customer ask if we plan to make any glass tops for the carta

We do not plan to make any for the Carta.  After use we have fallen in love with the Huuka and with limited time, we want to make glass for this unit at this time.

Do we currently have any mouthpieces for the ssv that arent glass? i had a customer ask today.

We pretty much only make glass.  If they want, they can always just use the tubing.

Why are the Blazer torches the most reputable?

Because they have been making them longer than any one else.  They make them for industrial use, while others make for the retail market.  They are made in Japan who are great engineers.

How do I clean the EOK dab dish

See this video here

Why does the cord come out of the front on the Super Surfer?

There really is no front or back to a Silver or Super Surfer.  But, the cord is different on the Super compared to the Silver Surfer because of the way we had to design the circuit board and make it CE certified.

is there a way to incorporate a small fan into the LSV for personal bag vapes?

No, the LSV’s body is full.  If you want to fill a bag, see our Super Surfer.

Are you currently working on any upgrades or new features for the silver and/or super surfer?

The Silver Surfer is always Elev8ing!  Our newest upgrade is the borosilicate aroma top.  The Silver Surfer was made in 2004, and to this day is one of the most feature-packed machines in the industry offering the best value.