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whats the thing that makes your skin so soft? SSA or something?

You are thinking of SLS and SLSa.  We use SLSa and the molecules are larger than your pours.  Dawn dish soap is basically SLS.  Our SLSa comes from coconuts.  The SLSa is a surfactant and this is what makes the bubbles.So what makes the Simply-Soluble bath bomb so BOMB!  It is the combination of the […]

Can Elev8 Premier do custom jewelry other than pendants?

Elev8 Premier can do more jewelry, but we do not really like to make rings, they just do not stand the test of time.

why doesn’t my terp slurper spin the pearls around?

This could be many reasons.  If you do not have an Elev8 Terp Slurper or some other good brand, the holes may not be at an angle to allow the spin. Another reason could be that your terp slurper is dirty?  If this is the case, the oils get thick and can hold the pearls […]

Do the typhoon bangers fit with any e-nail coil sizes?

The Typhoon banger will only fit inside a 25mm enail heater coil.  You must also use some wire to connect the Typhoon to the E-Nail heater so they do not fall apart.

Can you get the Elev8r bowl with an 19mm connector?

Yes, it is now an option.  If there is ever custom glass you want.  Contact us directly!  

How to I install a Heater Repair kit??

If you need to replace your heater in your Silver Surfer or Da Buddha please watch this video below

Can we make custom utensils such as chop sticks?

Absolutly yes.   If it can be made of glass, the Elev8 Premier team can more than likely make it.  They have over 40 years of combined experience.   Contact Jeff to get what you need made.

Will you ever put rigs on the Bath Bomb Marble trade in list?

Yes, one day we will have a TON more for the Simply-Soluble marble trade-in program.  As it grows we will have a bigger selection of glass from Elev8 Premier that you can only get with marbles. Also, we will have a kid-friendly page for them as well.

Can we make custom tops for Carta’s like we do for Puffco’s?

Yes, we can, but we are not at the moment.  We can make nearly anything out of glass, but the carta is not on our list of glass to produce.

Will we come up with something portable for concentrates like the Sidekick?

Yes, we already have it!  It is the Wax Maxer.  It is super small, discreet and it works well.