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Why do the Gordo Scientific Riptide CC carb caps have 2 air intake holes?

This is a cool feature about those, depending on which hole you carb or cover, it will change the direction of the airflow coming in. So if using terp pearls, it will change the direction that your pearls spin. These are super awesome for someone who wants to get the absolute most out of their […]

Is the same quartz glass used to make the more expensive and the more affordable bangers?

Yes, quartz is quartz and anyone who says different needs more education.   Most quartz is made in China.  It is then sent to the USA and is worked by Americans. Affordable bangers are cheaper in price usually because they are fully worked in China, or they are using thinner quartz glass.   The thicker the quartz […]

What’s the best way to clean a thermal banger?

We find it best to clean it out after each use with a Tidy Tip. If it gets too dirty, soaking in a super soaker will help clean it.  Alcohol works great, but to get it, even more, try resinate. Never heat alcohol in a microwave for more than 10 seconds. NEVER EVER heat alcohol […]

What is the best way to keep my EOK dish for SSV clean?

We suggest after each dab using our tidy tips! Use the flat side to mop up what’s leftover then use the pointy side for getting anything in the creases! If you need some extra cleaning help it is great to use a wet paper towel and let a few drops drip into the dab dish.  […]

How can I make my own medicated brownies with duff?

Get to know Jonny Duff with his Cooking with Cannabis show

What is the purpose of a nozzle guard for a Blazer torch?

The nozzle guard will keep you from burning yourself on the nozzle after use. Torches nozzles can get really hot after heating a nail for 20 seconds so these guards will protect you from that accident.

Are the bevels in Elev8 bangers cold or hot worked?

Our thick-walled Elev8 bangers are cold worked to get the bevel and then fire polished

What causes a decal to come off of a brand new piece of glass?

This can happen if the glass was not heated up to 1100.  Also, if there was water under the decal and it was not allowed to dry it can cause issues.    

How are stemless waterpipes or rigs made? (Ex. Avant Garde or Salt’s Ripcurls)

Very carefully. Sometimes like Avant Garde, the glass is cold worked to get the holes and lines. As for Slat’s design, he presses in the side and then covers it with glass making a tube.  This takes a lot of time and patience but is super dope. We feel is the holes get to small […]

What is the purpose of the cad core on new evan shore bangers?

This is another idea of the thermochromatic banger.  As yellow boro glass gets hot, it will change color.  The idea behind this is at a certain color the banger is the proper temp.  Once you figure this out you can get a nice hit.  We feel just a cold start dab is way better as […]