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What are the Dime Bags made of? And what is the best way to wash them

Yes you can wash a Dime Bag.  The bag is made from Hempster (Hemp and polyester).  The ratio is not known but we feel it is about a 10%-20% HEMP, and the rest is polyester. Steve is a founder of Dimebag’s and was the person to come up with the name Dime Bags for the […]

What is a ruby insert?

The ruby inserts are a fairly new product and VERY pricy! They apparently are better at retaining heat and do not chazz like quartz often does over time.  But quartz only chazzes if you overheat it with containments.  This we feel is a gimmick and one would be better off getting a Silver Surfer with […]

i just purchased Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Whip Adapter by Elev8 and curious if anyone has leaking issues around where the black volcano adapter meets the metal base, like there is too much pressure going through tube and comes out the other end. thanks

No, we have no issues with leaking.  There is the blue O-Ring on the Volcano Adapter that the Elev8 Adapter goes over.  This secures the two very well.

Why do ceramic pieces tend to get stress cracks pretty easily? Such as a ceramic enail

This is because ceramic does not have the same thermal resistance as Quartz.  Reality is quartz is best for dabbing.

What is the biggest millimeter coil for an Enail?

A 20mm coil the biggest size available right now. They are three typical sizes 16mm, 20mm, and a flat coil.

Why does the quartz heater enhancement tube make a vaporizer work more efficiently?

It adds more mass to the SSV heater.  With more mass the air can heat up easier.  This allows you to run your vaporizer at a lower temperature, to get the same heat for vaping. This device does not make the unit run hotter, last longer or anything.  This is just for people that want […]

What type of bowl/slide is the best for airflow when using your waterpipe?

The bowl with the largest hole or holes in it. A bowl with a clean screen. Our diffused bowls are some of the best for airflow. Instead of a single hole there is a built-in screen with multiple holes meaning more airflow. This allows you to burn your herb quicker.  

What is an easy way to consume duff/AVB?

One great way is to just eat it with or without anything.  We like it as a topping.  To see more about this visit Cannabis Cooking With Jonny Duff. Sprinkle on some peanut butter and bread Salad topping Sprinkle on your steak Try a firecracker. Firecrackers are very simple and easy to make. You can […]

What is the fallback tax?

The Fallback tax rate is generated by BigCommerce and is the result of an error during tax calculation using AvaTax Nothing is wrong when this happens.

Is there anything Elev8 can’t custom make? If so, how come?

We can not do soft glass.  But mostly with Steve having 16 years experiecne we find we can make near anything.  We will always let you know if we need to gain skills so you are never charged for this when doing custom.