Elev8r Rig Kit build SOP

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Each kit is handmade, the team does their best, but glass can be difficult if the stars do not fully align.

Standard to look for in the glass

  1. Height
    The height of the Elev8 Rig adapter can vary slightly, the goal is shorter, but here is the highest acceptable
  2. Below is the next part to look for in the Elev8 Rig Adapter.  The screen should not be closed.  If it has slightly smaller holes it will pass, but closed more than 50% is not good.





Not good

Once you have inspected the adapters and removed any that do not meet our standards you can start building the kits. Below if the list of items that go into a rig kit.

  • Elev8r quartz Heater
  • Elev8r rig adapter (Standard or all glass)
  • 19mm sick flip (bent)
  • Tongs
  • Pack of 20.8mm screens
  • marble pick
  • 17mm ceramic flavor disk

Once you have gathered the proper pieces you will place them in a folded box. When you fold the box you will tape the bottom closed from the inside and place all the components in the box and then stuff a couple pieces of wrapping paper into the box on top of the pieces so that they are secure in the box when closed and do not bounce around and get damaged. You can now close the box and label it. Before it is sealed closed with an American flag sticker, you need to have its items inventoried by another person to ensure accuracy.