“I bought a SSV from you guys about 3 years ago and it just stopped working.. The ceramic element seems to be loose and will not heat up. I haven’t found much on the internet for troubleshooting. I was wondering if you guys have any tips or have run into this issue before. The red light goes on when I turn the knob but the element doesn’t heat up at all. It has never been dropped or roughly handled. Any information would be greatly appreciated.”

Yes, first off, the item might still be under warranty, do you have the date purchased and did you register the device?

I can search your name and email in our system as well for you. If there is no proof of purchase or registration that is no problem. I believe your heater could have gone out. We have a mailable product to repair it DIY style with the heater or dimmer, or you can ship the item to us and we will fix it up for you.

WE offer videos to help with this process and other information here

When diagnosing any malfunction with the customer, please always have them send video to confirm if you ask them to show if something is in fact happening.  (i.e. video if the heater is turning on but not getting hot enough, confirming if the indicator is dimming properly)

The process is as follows Click here to register the vape.
Click here to file a claim  Once your claim is received we will ask you if you want to ship the item in yourself or receive a shipping label via email or postal mail. This label will be charged to you on the final invoice before shipping the vape back to you. Once the item is received we will repair to your needs and let you know if we find other issues to fix.

The in-warranty fee is $0 for the fix or for the part. Your only expectation is shipping costs if in warranty. Out-of-warranty cost is $30 in-house and cost of shipping or part and shipping.

If all of this is overwhelming I am here to help, I can walk you through it or assist in the best way for you. I hope you have an amazing day and we can get your vape back to you lickety split! 

What is Delta 8

This is a man-made drug that is made from CBD.  It is much like THC, but because it is not labeled as THC it is more legal in some states.

Why does some glass crack on its own?

Because the glass was not fully compatible.  Only clear boro is 33 COE, when materials are added for color, it can become to far one way or the other and cause cracks.  It could also be the blower did not fully anneal the piece.