Do you think ELev8 will create their own gravity bong?

While a gravity bong is really neat, it is not in the future soon.  But you never know.  Elev8 does smoked pizza. If one is looking for a smooth hit, we feel the Silver Surfer is the best experience for cannabis.

Does the elev8.ONE app run on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

Yes and No, unfortunately, Elev8 is small and is not able to build the platform to work on both.  It does work mostly on a browser, so it can work 80% on IOS.  The scanner function may  not work  

What make Elev8 a better head shop than others.

Because it is ran with people that LOVE glass and the cannabis culture.  The owners have over 30 years of combined experience with the love of glass. Steve has been a glassblower since 2004 The staff is some of the most educated in the cannabis and consumption topics there is. Elev8 helps the community with […]