My heater is so low in my dab dish

If your heater is low in any of your Elev8 desktop vaporizers such as the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer or Da Buddha, you will need to pull it up.

Make sure the unit is turned off, cold.  Grab the heater and pull up.  If you feel it stop, do not pull rediquosly hard.  it could be that the heater fell so low like in the unit below, that a wire got caught.  You will need to remove the base and check the wires.  You can refer to any of the how to replace your heater for your specific unit to see how to get into the housing safely.

Now pull up on the heater and it should come up.

How to get your Heater right for your EOK Dab dish

How to change your heater SSV and DBV

How to order cremation art glass as an Elev8 Ambassador or for wholesale

Cremation glass can be a process, and we want to make it easy for all and make it right

  1. Work with the customer to find what they like.  The fastest and easiest way is to pick an item we already have, or we can make a item like what we have.
    1. Custom work that has not been done before will take more time.  Sorry, the glassblower also has to feel it, and new projects can be scarry to the blowers at times.
    2. Cremation glass we have
    3. Looking at this glass will also help to determine what the new glass cremation piece might cost.
  2. Fill out this form for your customer, or have them fill it out
  3. Jeff will contact you to inform you what he thinks it will cost.  Then you can bill the customer and collect the money.
  4. You place an order in Big C for the part
  5. You can contact Jeff to let him know you have a project coming.  Jeff will contact the customer if there is any info needed.
    1. (719) 301-0774
  6. Jeff will fill out a TRELLO CARD NOT YET MADE to get paid.
  7. Once the item is made it will be delivered to Elev8 Distribution for Images and to put on the site for other inspiration.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Trouble Shooting

If there is an issue with the Silver Surfer, we can solve it.  There is nothing we have not seen since 2004.

Please do not perform any of these checks until you are sure your vaporizer is completely cool. We suggest you have it turned off for at least 30 minutes prior to continuing. 

Not getting hot

Is the heater getting red or any heat at all?

Yes, it glows but it is not getting hot enough

  1. Check the position of the heating element. It should be 1/8-1/4 inch from the top of the heater cover, but NOT touching the heater cover.  To adjust the height of the heating element, first, take off the heater cover. You can do this by gently twisting back and forth while gently pulling up on the heater cover. After safely removing the heater cover, gently pull up on the heating element, and be careful not to pull the heating element out of the unit. Replace the heater cover back on the heater stand. This can be achieved by twisting back and forth and pushing downward. Once the heater cover is firmly back on the heater stand, check the position of the heating element. If you feel the heating element is too high, take your pick and gently push it down.  Now turn your vaporizer on to the 12 o’clock position and let heat up for a minute or two. Try vaping your herb. If this fixed your problem, awesome! If not please keep reading.
  2. If the heater is tall in the heater cover, suggest turning the heat up more and using a longer draw speed.  Adjusting the heat should be more than enough.
    1. The heater either works or it does not.  There is no degradation over time.

No, my heater has no heat

Does the dimmer light turn on?

On the back of the unit, there is a neon light that adjusts with the power of the heater.  Is this light dimming?  If it is dimming the dimmer is good.

If the dimmer light adjusts and the heater does not come on, the heater is bad.

The Dimmer is bad

My heater cover cracked

  1. Was the heater touching the heater cover?
    1. The heater can not touch the heater cover or the glass will break
  2. The heater cover broke at the base
    1. Do you have shims?
      1. If you have shims, you had too thick of a spacer in
    2. If you do not have shims, does the heater stand look too big?
    3. You should get a picture sent in, and replace the heater cover free with shipping
    4. Learn how to adjust your heater to prevent your heater cover from cacking