How does booking for glass blowing classes work? From my understanding we want to fill them up at once or they pick a day they usually have off and we wait for more people with the same days, however I am confused about it. Can the advanced classes be 1 v 1 usually or does that usually need to be a group as well?

The advance class is ussaly for sure a one on one.  This is why the cost is about $100 or more per hour.

If there is a single for the Liquid Arts classes, they must be booked on a day with other bookings.

Why do they call it Soft Glass?

It is called soft glass because it melts at about 1/2 the temperature as borsilicate.  But what is really neat, is that soft glass is actually more dense than boro.

Soft glass is NOT soft, German steins are made of soft glass for Brosting.