Yes, some things are places in a low-temperature glass as glass is a great insulator.  Mostly only a capacitor or resistor is put in a glass.   This is really never really done, and to make electronics water proof, epoxies are used.

Why are quartz bangers so much more expensive than a tradition banger? are they that much more difficult to make?

Quartz takes more heat to melt, therefore more resources are used to make the glass, therefore making it more expensive. Quartz glass is also mostly made with hydrogen and oxygen for a higher, cleaner flame. Quartz just takes more heat, and colors is hard to add.

Do ground glass joints hold a better seal than a standard joint? What makes one better than the other?

As long as there is a seal, all is good.  In fact even if there is a small leak, there really is nothing wrong.  It will actually cool the smoke or vapor some.  People like the ground glass joint for its cleanliness and the extra skill it takes a blower to make. For ease of […]