What is the best way to keep the neck of the Terp Typhoon clean?

Try to inhale slower with the Terp Typhoon or any banger for that matter.  The faster you inhale the more oils will potentially suck up the neck.  You can also use a little heat on the neck to let the oils heat up and drip back down if you inhale too fast.

What gave Steve the Ferankshanaw idea

The idea came from a piece of glass that sat for maybe 2 years.  Then the idea came and as a kid at about 6 he made the name up.  This was the time to combine childhood with his art.  The Ferankshanaw is a story every time.

Does the DBV come in colors?

Yes, the DBV comes in silver or black only.  If you want color, the SSV is the ultimate way to go.  It also has many more features than a DBV. The SSV also can be made with any graphic in our Wave Rider Series.