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what to do if water gets inside my SSV?

If water gets inside your SSV, DBV or any desktop vaporizer, UNPLUG it immediately!!! Remove the base and get all the water out that you can.  Use some compressed air to help get any water out that might be on the board.  If you need to get it repaired, we can do that for you …

How does a dirty/slightly clogged screen affect my SSV’s performance?

The less airflow your Silver Surfer or any desktop vaporizer his will increase the heat.  This is caused because the slower the air flow, the hotter the air will get. Use this video to help keep your screen clean

How do we know what scents of Bath product smell like what?

You can see them here

what is the difference between a 20 dollar banger and a 200 dollar banger

Basically where it is made, and how much time goes into the banger. We have affordable bangers that are of the highest quality.

Are the Elev8 Cups dishwasher safe

All drinking glasses that Elev8 Premier makes are 100% dishwasher safe.  They are made from borosilicate glass. The double wall coffee and beer glass are NOT recommended for dishwashers as they have an air void in them.

What power or electrical cords do the Silver Surfer, Super and Da Buddha come in

Cord Types for Elev8 Vaporizers US Australian Israel European UK British

what is the best way to clean a slurper?

The best way to clean a Terp Slurper is to maintain it with a cotton swab like the Tidy Tips.  Then after use it is a good idea to throw it in a Super Soaker filled with enough alcohol to cover it. NEVER overheat your slurper.  You can always add heat to get a bigger …

what is the lowest and highest temperature settings for the ssv Silver Surfer, Super Surfer and Da Buddha DBV?

The lowest temp for the SSV and the Elev8 line of products is low, you could make it less than 200 for vaping flower.  For dabs, it is about 250 for the lowest setting as that uses conduction heat and is more direct. The highest the heater goes is 900.  This is NOT the heat …

whats the thing that makes your skin so soft? SSA, SLS or something?

You are thinking of SLS and SLSa.  We use SLSa and the molecules are larger than your pours.  Dawn dish soap is basically SLS.  Our SLSa comes from coconuts.  The SLSa is a surfactant and this is what makes the bubbles.So what makes the Simply-Soluble bath bomb so BOMB!  It is the combination of the …

Can Elev8 Premier do custom jewelry other than pendants?

Elev8 Premier can do more jewelry, but we do not really like to make rings, they just do not stand the test of time.