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How do I clean the EOK dab dish

See this video here

Why does the cord come out of the front on the Super Surfer?

There really is no front or back to a Silver or Super Surfer.  But, the cord is different on the Super compared to the Silver Surfer because of the way we had to design the circuit board and make it CE certified.

is there a way to incorporate a small fan into the LSV for personal bag vapes?

No, the LSV’s body is full.  If you want to fill a bag, see our Super Surfer.

Are you currently working on any upgrades or new features for the silver and/or super surfer?

The Silver Surfer is always Elev8ing!  Our newest upgrade is the borosilicate aroma top.  The Silver Surfer was made in 2004, and to this day is one of the most feature-packed machines in the industry offering the best value.

Does the glass studio plan on making glass tops for the carta?

No, Elev8 Premier has so many things to do that these are not of top priority.   While it is a good item, we feel the Silver Surfer is far superior for the $$$.  Also, as they make the glass for the SSV, most all the glass rigs also work with anything. Invest in Elev8 for […]

Why do people take rosin dabs at a lower temperature than BHO dabs?

We feel this is because the person doing rosin has become more of a connissoure and wants to enjoy the flavor and effects.  The person with BHO may be new and not fully aware of a low temp dab.  Learn more about low temp dabs here. For the ultimate flavor, many connoisseurs will use a […]

How do you use a trough style banger? (ex. Halen Trough) Do you need a special carb cap for it?

The answer is a special cap will help out better like the image below.   But you can get away with the bottom of a glass jar or something else.  We really love round bangers as they fit most carb caps.  Check out our thick wall bangers that we really love.

Can you use terp pearls in the Silver and Super surfers?

Yes, but they have to be very small, about 2mm-3mm  

What’s the difference between the Sidekick($125) and the v2($200)?

You can find that info here SideKick V1 Uses 2 18350 for 3 sessions but comes with 4 batteries SideKick V2 The improved battery door, push to close.  Made of all metal. Uses 1 18650 battery to run 8+ sessions and only comes with one battery  

Are all the ryot line of pipe bags smell proof?

Ryot offers 2 types of bags. Smell Proof RYOT Smell Proof bags offer the highest level of odor containment and weather proof protection. The exterior shell design shuts with no air escaping. No air escaping means no odors escaping. The RYOT SmellSafe Carbon Series technology neutralizes and trap odors, therefore, reducing the amount of odors […]