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My ceramic heater slides down when I put the EOK dab dish on. Can it be tightened to stay up? It will stay up but when I put the dish on the cover it tends to slide down.

The heater on the Elev8 vehicles is designed to move.  It has to be higher for dry her vaporizing compared to when using the EOK. One can tighten up the heater by removing the bases and adjusting the wires, or adding a tie wrap to help.  The SSV was originally designed to work as a […]

Can you use a Carb cap on the terp typhoon or just a marble?

Yes, you can use a carb cap on the Terp Typhoon.  You can use it with the hole open or closed.

Could you make a soft glass knob for the ssv?

Yes, we personally would not make it as we do boro.   But a soft glass worker can for sure make a custom knob for the SSV.  It just needs to have a hole in the back to accept the dimmer connection. Here are some of our knobs.

Are the SSv and Super surfer completely customizable?

YES, only Elev8 makes vehicles for vaping, dabbing, and diffusing that can be fully customized. You can get a lot of custom parts  like a custom knob, mouthpiece, wand, heater cover, aroma tops, duff jars and the art is whatever you like with our Wave Rider Series  SSV SUP If you want a larger wand, […]

why is my piece clogging?

Your piece can clog for many reasons It is dirty.  When was the last time you cleaned it?  Using the plug from the Super Soaker will allow you to plug a 10, 14 or 19mm female joint. If you are using it for concentrates it is best to have larger holes.   The oils hit the […]

Can we make custom jars?

Yes, we can make custom jars a few ways. We do not make the jars with lids.  But we make boro jars with corks. We can also put decals on our soft glass jars and boro jars and the colored ones here are some of our jars

Do you know if this all-glass system works with the Hybrid whip for the Volcano?

No, the all-glass bag system for the standard and digital volcano does not fit the new hybrid system. The Super Surfer parts do not always fit with other vaporizers

Are the Elev8 Doll Bath Bombs made out of natural ingredients?

Yes, the Elev8 Doll bath bombs by Simply-Soluble have all-natural ingredients.  You can see them here when you click the read more.    

Are the SSV and DBV 29mm heater covers interchangeable?

No, because of the angles, the heater’s covers are also at slightly different angles. 29mm GG wand  

Why is there a hole in my waxmaxer heater?

This is where the wires come through. If you have a heater like this contact customer service to get a replacement.  You can also fix this at home  to save time as it is easy in this video.