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Will my terps get leeched out of my dabs stored in my silicone container?

While silicon is nonstick, it is actually porous.  So this could happen.  This is why the Huny Bucket is so great.  The silicon is inside a plastic container which prevents any possibilities of loosing moisture though the silicone. Now, while we are not scientists, we just have used a lot of things like this and […]

How Do I Put In A Custom WRS Silver or Super Surfer Vaporizer Wholesale Order Or As An At Home Rep

Click on this link and fill out the form below.

What is an Errly Bird Torch?

ErrlyBird Torch Art is a line of fashionable butane torches featuring limited edition high-quality prints of original artwork designed specifically for each torch. These ErrlyBird Torches feature an easy to use “quik-fire” ignition system that enables use with just one hand. That same hand can be then be used for locking the flame in place […]

What is a Pro Trim Elite?

This is an automatic scissors used for trimming that resembles Fisker scissors.  See the Pro Trim Elite Scissors  

Does volume of the carb cap affect it’s functionality? (i.e. larger ball caps vs. smaller ones)

Is it just about the direction of the airflow and size of the hole? Does the volume of the ball or bubble affect anything other than banger compatibility? We feel the inside volume has nothing to do with the function of the carb cap.  We feel the diameter of the carb cap is made to […]

Why do Elev8 inserts have a slit?

This is done to help the air move around in the banger more to help vaporize the concentrates better.

What’s the purpose of the Turbo Guard for the Blazer Big Shot torches?

The purpose of the Turbo Guard is to add mass to the nozzle of your torch so that it does not get as hot. It is basically a heat sink for your nozzle, so all of the heat gets distributed through a larger mass, and thus it takes much more heat to get it as […]

How do you reset the Carta E-Rig?

They make it very simple! Just reverse your batteries and that will reset your Carta. It will blink green 4 times when it has successfully reset.

How long does it take to make a silver surfer vaporizer?

It takes about 3 hours to build an SSV from scratch.  This includes the knob, cutting and finishing the housing.  Some of these things are not done in the house anymore, but still is done and still require the same time. There is no way a person could build an SSV for less money than […]

what scents of bath bombs do you offer? Will new scents be released in the future?

New scents will always be dropping.  Some will stay and some will be temporary.   See all our scents here.