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Why is there a hole in my waxmaxer heater?

This is where the wires come through. If you have a heater like this contact customer service to get a replacement.  You can also fix this at home  to save time as it is easy in this video.

Why is there a hole in my waxmaxer ?

The wax maxer has a hole in the top so the air can flow in.  With this design, the Wax Maxer will not leak so long as it stays in the upright position.

Could our Elev8 decals come off with cleaners?

Some cleaners will take off our decals, and all decals.  If we make an error we use toilet bowl cleaner to take the decal off.

how to clean the resin out of a bowl without scraping?

We think the best and safest way to clean your bowl is to let is sit overnight in a Super Soaker.  If you do this regularly you will have a nice clean bowl that will not take forever and a pain to clean

How long will the Wax Maxer coils last before i have to replace it?

We have had ceramic heaters for the wax maxer last 9+ months.  The key to this is that one does not let it overheat.  Overheating it will crack the ceramic and break the heater.  This is for any heater that can overheat. The wax maxer can overheat so it gets hot fast.  It also will […]

is there a way for a customer to return a dbv or ssv for credit?

Either vehicle can be returned for a refund in the first 30 days only if it has been unused.   If it fails in the first 30 days after being used, we cover the shipping and the repair ( I don’t typically switch out the unit).   After the 30 days, only warranty repairs can be performed […]

“DBV having power issues. The cable itself is fine, it’s the metal screw which helps keep the cord in place that is defective and no longer keeping the cord in place. How do you fix this? “

If the unit is out in warranty the customer would contact customer service to help get it fixed.  If it is out of warranty it can be fixed here. Instruction manuals can be found here

Can you make a banger with crushed opal inside?

You can not make a crushed opal quartz banger, and you would not want one made from boro as over time it would crack.

Is there a specific carb caps to use on specific bangers?

Yes, all bangers have a type of carb cap that works best for them.  That is the benefit of the Terp Typhoon.  All you need is marble or any carb cap that you can seal. Here is a link to a lot of carb caps we offer  

Could certain glass cleaners such as resinate ruin our powder coated grinder?

We recomend using alcohol to clean an Elev8 grinder whether it is anodized or powder coated.  Some cleaners have some very very strong chemicals in them, so just stick to ISO alcohol 91%