what is the lowest and highest temperature settings for the ssv Silver Surfer, Super Surfer and Da Buddha DBV?

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The lowest temp for the SSV and the Elev8 line of products is low, you could make it less than 200 for vaping flower.  For dabs, it is about 250 for the lowest setting as that uses conduction heat and is more direct.

The highest the heater goes is 900.  This is NOT the heat you will get on your dry herb vaping, but the dab dish can get to about 800, way to hot for dabs.

Running the heater full blast will give you about 500-550 degrees over the dry herb.  You can slightly increase this by inhaling slower, but this will cause your herb to catch fire.

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The SSV does not use digital because the draw of your inhale speed has such a huge effect on the temperature that the digital number is just an indicator that we find is great for our customers.  Our customers know what they want, and when they find the sweet spot with their draw speed, our dial will show the time for them.