What if my package or order says it was delivered, but I never received it?

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This does happen from time to time and it really really sucks.  Shitty people out there take advantage of our online world now.  We hate to hear this as much as you do, and it pains us to say that once the package leaves our hands, it is out of our control.

Please see our shipping policy for more info.

We have seen over time that the giant Amazon has given free items to anyone that did not get their item.  While we love this idea, someone has to pay for it.  And no, it’s not Amazon, they pass the buck many times to the sellers on Amazon.  We have even talked with USPS about how Amazon will lose pallets of stamps.  Then our government-run system takes the hit, that really is you and I.

Please support the smaller businesses when you can.  Try to always order with a signature required.  This costs more, and yes, you have to be there so it is more inconvenience, but the package will not be left on your step, inviting that dirtbag to steal.

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