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What is an easy way to consume duff/AVB?

One great way is to just eat it with or without anything.  We like it as a topping.  To see more about this visit Cannabis Cooking With Jonny Duff. Sprinkle on some peanut butter and bread Salad topping Sprinkle on your steak Try a firecracker. Firecrackers are very simple and easy to make. You can […]

Do you recommend one big terp pearl or two smaller ones?

This all comes down to what do you want to play with?  The balls move the oils around.  One should be enough if you do not have a good carb cap.  With a good directional carb cap you can get away with having terp perls.  But a terp Perl is fun to play with and […]

When was the first pipe made?

The origins of the tobacco pipe They are still somewhat a mystery, despite their presence across all continents for thousands of years. It seems as though nobody can accurately date the first appearances of the pipe. The first tobacco pipes found in Europe, from around 500 BC, were made of wooden stems or reed. Nomadic Indo-Europeans, the Scythians, […]

What techniques can you use a lathe for in glassblowing?

Really you can use a lathe for many techniques that a blower can do by hand.   The lathe allows a blower to work more effortlessly giving them the ability to make a headier piece of glass. The lathe is a must for a clean glass cup, by hand it will not be a clean See […]

What is the major difference between soft glass and borosilicate?

Soft glass is denser than borosilicate. It takes less heat to heat soft glass making it cheaper to produce and work. See more on borosilicate and soft glass in our blog.

What is the purpose to having a “glass like shield” covering the banger on male jointed waterpipes?

This could be a dome you are referring to.  This is from the late 90’s and is really not used anymore as people have found low temp dabs are better than hot dabs. The dome was used to put over the nail after you heated the nail.  Then the dab was placed on the nail […]

Is there a glass style or technique that may be hard to create that is for experts compared to other styles that are more simple for beginners?

Each technique is difficult to learn.  Usually fuming is the easiest to do, with wrap and rake as the next technique.  As a blower learns a technique, the next technique is easier to learn.

Why is my piece leaking but has no visible cracks or damage?

There must be a pin hole in the weld.  This is very rare, but it happens to the best of the blowers.  Again, it is rare.

Does the 8 stand for anything in elev8?

Why yes!  The 8 is called the Elev8 Swoosh, kinda like the Nike swoosh. It’s an 8 and we find it very neat that 8=ate for ELEVATE.  Ok, not the neatest symbol, but it’s neat how one number can represent 3 letters.  That to us symbolizes that if you look deep at things in life […]

What are terps or terpines, or did I mean terpenes?

This is the smell you smell and the flavor you taste in pot.  The make up the cannabis essential oils. See Terpenes See Terpenoids See Terpineol