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My heater is so low in my dab dish

If your heater is low in any of your Elev8 desktop vaporizers such as the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer or Da Buddha, you will need to pull it up. Make sure the unit is turned off, cold.  Grab the heater and pull up.  If you feel it stop, do not pull rediquosly hard.  it could …

How do I set the heater cover on the LSV to be centered?

Pulling up the heater to just a bit higher than it needs to be, and then screwing the lid down will set it perfectly.  You can see in the video below

Can I get a Hash Pipe made?

Yes, Elev8 Premier can.  Contact Elev8 Premier or head to one of our brick and mortar retail stores to see a ton of glass for help in your design.

What is the best wand to use if I have 1 arm?

Our all glass pathway works best as it is solid.

Can you make wands and glass to accommodate Storz & Bickel dosing capsules?

Yes please contact us

Can you make a glass screen conical wand?

No, it gets to small and is to restrictive for the consumer

can i smoke the residue on the inside of ssv tubing and wand?

Yes, and you can also vape it.  This is called vapor hash and it is very potent and tastes better than standard resin from a pipe.

is Simply Soluble made from commercial Hemp?

Yes, the broad-spectrum cbd powder by Simply-Solube comes from commercially grown hemp in Colorado.

Does a cold start dab save butane?

YES the cold start dab will do that!  This is the most efficient way and if you need more heat, just add it.

Can you use Oxy/Acetylene mix to blow glass?

No, Acetylene is too dirty