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Do we take out of state glass repairs? If so, how does it work?

Yes, the best way is to send them to our website to learn more and let the customer service rep take over.  You can order just the product fix here.

What is a termination in glassblowing?

You can learn what a termination in glassblowing is here A good termination will always be tight.  If it seems to bleed out, or does not come to a point, we are sorry to say the blower is not up to his/her skill set and needs to work on this technique.  Always look for a […]

Instagram hashtags or hash tags with tips and tricks

See here as this is password protected

Some bubble caps have an angled cut on the spout, is there any functional reason for this?

If the tube is straight but cut at an angle this is for aesthetics only.  The air needs to come out at an angle to get the terp pearls to spin. In the image below you can see the tip is cut, but the air will still come straight down. As you can see in […]

Can you use titanium to fume glass? Like gold and silver?

No, pretty much all metals have been tried and gold and silver work the best.   Impure silver some believe gives a better effect than pure silver.  We use pure 99.99% silver and are very happy with the results.

do you make bath bombs

We make the Elev8 Doll line of bathbombs!

Is there a name for percs that spin or are non-fixed?

Yes, Kentic percs are percs that move, while a normal static perc is just called a static perc

How many different colors are used for Steve’s trippy tech?

Steve uses 10 rods of color.   He also adds 2-10 stringers of Galaxy black for that sparkly bling!

What is a Puff bar? or a Hype Bar?

This is a nicotine disposable vape.  You can see them here.

Where can we go to find the giveaway from the website?

You will look under Elev8 Info, and then under Elev8 Giveaways.