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Articles or how to things are not showing up for me in questions and answers. I know the answer is in wordpress but I can not find it.

This could be an issue with wordpress.  Please login to see more in our questions and answers Click here to get into a protected post.  Enter your password and then go back to the home page and search again.  

Can our glass studio make the glass medical pieces for ventilators used in hospitals?

Yes, the issue is these parts are made with injection mold from plastic at a cost of pennies.  For an American blower to make the part we are looking at $10 for materials and labor.  Can it be done, yes, but is this the best thing for a blower to make when there are many […]

Who do I send customers too for shipping questions?

Customers can be sent to Elev8’s website customer care at 719-570-9928

What is my package or order says it was delivered, but I never received it?

This does happen from time to time and it really really sucks.  Shitty people out there take advantage of our online world now.  We hate to hear this as much as you do, and it pains us to say that once the package leaves our hands, it is out of our control. Please see our […]

What is the difference between a swisher and a backwood?

These are two different companies.  Swisher is one of the original blunts, dating back to when you had to crack open each cigar to make the blunt.  They even were the first to make a cigar just for blunts, they even called blunts. People find a Swisher to be one of the best.  They roll […]

Protected: How to upload and make a spread sheet for Elev8 University for questions.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Are @duststorm uv colors all original?

No, he uses colors from Northstar glass and makes them into a incalmo.

What millimeter is the tubing for the whip on the SSV, SUP, and DBV?

The tubing we make is made just for us, this is why it is softer than any tubing you can buy at Home Depot The size of our tubing is 13mm OD 9.5mm ID

What is the best way to ask an artist to collaborate?

Just ask. Ask them in their DM.  It is ok to say you are doing this for Steve, Jeff or Elev8 Premier.  You can also ask them if they want to collaborate on a Silver Surfer and the info is here. For a collab in just glass it is best to find someone that you […]

How ground up should I grind my flower for my vaporizer? Does finely ground or lightly ground flower work better?

This is up to you.  We do find grinding helps get bigger hits as it makes more surface are of the herb.  If it is too fine it can clog the screen more easily so a medium grind seems to be best like you might use for a joint.