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Why do we not sell colored 19mm female water pipe adapters?

The joints we have are just super big and crack when we try to make them.  It is not worth the effort to make them.  Clears work well.   Here are what we have

What is a Jesus seal

In simple terms a place where a blower joins two tubes, but without actually making two holes. Learn more here

Where can I go to buy a copyright image for WRS?

You can find images to use here.  You must at least have a 1000 x 1000 px, but still not good. Our images is at about 1920 wide, so 2000 wide is best

Where does the name for Ferankshanaws come from?

This is a fun name that Steve came up with when he was about 6-8. You can seem most of there here Here is one story here  

how big can a water pipe really be?

Sometimes as big as it can fit in your kiln, but it could be annealed in sections and bench annealed.  Really as big as an artist wants to take it.  Jerome Baker seems to hold the record for the largest bong, made of soft glass.

can a ssv be fixed at home by a customer?

Yes, we have repair kits for the Silver and Super as well as the DBV One can always call our customer service for any help as well. Heater repair kit Dimmer repair kit The super does not have a dimmer and the full base must be replaced. How to replace the Dimmer video

Do you get to demo SSV’s at Glass vegas?

Yes, we show off our units to all buyers and blowers.  The best way to fall in love is to use the Surfer

where can a customer find more info on liquid arts glassblowing classes?

All the info needed here on the Elev8 Premier site. Glassblowing Class (Liquid Arts Glass Experience)

How long do i heat my banger?

This all comes down to how thick your banger is and how big it is.  Also, how big of a hit do you want. You can learn more about bangers and how to use one here Watch some How To Use A Banger Videos

How are opals formed into different shapes?

Many are water jet cut.  Most all synthetic opals are made in China.