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Is it easy to learn implosions to the extent that Kobuki glass has in a short time?

Implosion or compression marbles are some of the more easy types of marbles to make.  The more you put into learning the skill, the easier and more complicated your work will become.

is there any extra benefit to having a recycler for a rig instead of just a rig with a percolator?

The big reason is size.  A recycler is usually a little smaller than a water pipe with a perc. When purchasing a piece of glass, get what YOU LOVE.   What you love will make you happy over what the sales clerk sells you.  Get what you love and you will cherish it for life.

Whats makes UV glass glow?

UV glass glows from the reaction of the minerals in the glass to the fluorescent light, or color temperature of the light.

Does liberty 503 sandblast the images free hand or does a machine/computer do it?

They use a vinyl cutter to cut the images.  They then apply the images to the pipe and hand sandblast them.

How does an artist create reticello (RATACHELLO) lines?

Ratachello lines are  done by pulling thin stringers and then drawing the lines around a tube, then drawing the lines in the opposite direction so it makes the crisis cross pattern.

Is it safe to use a nector collector with a silicone puck or will the silicone melt?

Yes, so long as you do not get the nectar collector get TOO hot.  Never get it red and dab.  The silicon can withstand up to 600 degrees. We prefer glass dishes.

Is it unsafe to have uranium glass in your house?

Yes, it is safe as the amount of Uranium in the glass is very small.

Is it possible to make a hands free for the DBV

We do not plan on making this hands free to lock.  The SSV has the hands free attachment that works well, and the DBV is hard to make that the way it is constructed.

How bad is smoking out of metal or aluminum?

Smoking is bad and vaping with a vaporizer like the Silver Surfer is just better.   But if you must combust a metal or aluminum pipe will last many drops.  It is said that aluminum can cause illnesses, but we are not doctors so we do not know.  We do know at high heat, metals give […]

Are dab padz and mood mats safe for hot dab tools or will they melt?

Dab padz and mood mats are not good for dabs in reality.  They are hard to clean and will burn or melt easily.  The Elev8 dab mats are made from silicone and can withstand temps as high as 600F