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A list of glassblowers that are in Colorado and Colorado Springs

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is the ssv travel safe? can i bring it on a plane

Yes the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer and DBV are all save on a plane. They MUST be clean.  The case is great at a carry on.

Is there any place on our website that customers can look at color options for custom work or specific examples of what kind of custom work we can do?

Doing a search will bring up the products you are looking for.  If you filter them by the brand Elev8 Premier, you’ll see the glass that they make. Looking at our Butter Color will also give you options.

Can Ruby Terp Pearls break from heat?

Any glass or mineral can crack if heated too fast.  We always recommend a cold start dab when dabbing with pearls.

how do i get better hits off my ssv if it doesnt seem to be proving enough vapor?

The SSV should be able to burn your herb if you have it turned all the way up, and inhale slow.   This is NOT what you want, but this is the control you need, for say cleaning the screen. If your SSV is not getting you the hit you would like try these solutions Look […]

how does local delivery work?

At this time Elev8 Glass Gallery does not off local delivery.   We can ship something to you using a standard courier.

is there a way for a customer to return a dbv or ssv for credit?

If a customer purchased a SSV or DBV from brick and mortar and it is not used.  We will give 100% store credit. If it is used you will need to contact the store manager.

How dose the payment plans for a piece of work?

This is our Lay a Way Program The agreement can be found here for staff  

Can you get the Elev8r bowl with an 19mm connector?

Yes, it is now an option.  If there is ever custom glass you want.  Contact us directly!  

How to I install a Heater Repair kit??

If you need to replace your heater in your Silver Surfer or Da Buddha please watch this video below