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With butter colors being layered colors, does this significantly affect the purchase cost per pound?

Yes, this is why just the solid end color is $80 an LB.  And any colors that are also fumed with gold also cost more as it takes more time and materials, both adding to the cost.  Butter color gets its name from the way it works when hot.

Is the resale value of glass art determined by artist name or technique within the art?

Well, it all comes into play.  Techniques show how complicated the artist can go.  The artist usually has a name as they have refined a particular technique or style.  Like any investment, it is a gamble.

How does percolation help make a hit smoother, and does this make some percs more efficient than others?

The more percolation the more the vapor or smoke comes into contact with the water.   The more contact that happens the cooler the vapor or smoke becomes, as well as filtered.  The more bubbles a perc makes the perc more efficient, but that is with a catch.  If the holes are too small, they clog […]

Why is synthetic opal still pricey if its not 100% real?

Because nothing in life is free.  It takes materials and knowledge to make a synthetic opal.

Is it possible for a pipe to have too much airflow, and how could adjust?

No, we do not think you can have too much airflow.  If you feel it is too much, try inhaling a little slower.

What is the purpose/benefit to buying a pressurized hard case for glass verses one that is not?

This is more for when say your item goes on a plane and the pressure changes.   If the pressure can not change, the box and say explode.  This can cause issues to some of the contents.

How do you get water stains out of waterpipes?

Sometimes this is very hard and can not be done.  But CLR is a great way to get them water mineral stains out.

Do you recommend any special way to clean SSV tubing? Or is it best just to purchase new tubing?

If you want to save money, one can use alcohol to clean the vinyl tubing.   You can plug an end, fill it with alcohol and then plug the other end and let sit.   We think replacing the tube is the easiest and best way

is marbling various glass colors difficult?

Yes and no.  As the blower learns glass it becomes easier for them to take on the challenge.  But as different colors have different viscosities they do tend to be harder to mix than just one color.

Are marbles more difficult to craft as its mass increases?

Yepper.  The larger the marble the more heat so the hotter it is.  It also starts to weigh a lot.  With a larger marble there are more art things to add, so again it becomes harder to make