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What are the differences between Nails when deciding which to choose? Titanium, quartz, and ceramic

That is a great question and the answers can be found in our blog here.

Does sandblasting glass hurt the durability of the glass piece?

Yes and no.  The sandblasting can and does cause some stress in the glass.  Usually, this is not a big deal and will cause no issues.  But the blower can anneal the glass after it is blasted to relieve the stress making it fully stress-free again.

Can you make a pipe or water pipe in all quartz?

Absolutely.  You can make nearly anything out of quartz.  The cost is very high, and the bigger the quartz object the more heat, the more time and the much higher cost.  No color is used, so it is not really a needed or wanted thing. Quartz is used big time in the production of making […]

Do you apply crushed opal to glass the same way you apply frit, or is it a different process?

In a sense yes.  But we usually mix it with frit, so the frit basically traps the opal in between the tube and frit

What is the benefit of a nozzle guard on your butane torch?

This is to help protect you from getting burned.  The tip gets really really hot, and one small touch is a nasty burn.  The guard will still get hot though, just not as hot.

How many different colors of glass shift in different types of light? (ex. CFL(fluorescent) or black light)

This can not really be answered well.  As new minerals are found to work in glass, it opens more doors for colors.  Each new year will bring new colors to the pallet, standard, fluorescent or any shifty color.

how does liberty glass get their sandblast etch designs so clean?

They use a very heavy duty vinyl cut with a plotter to lay on the glass.  Then they sandblast it.  This is called graal.

How often should you clean your glass/? How long does it take before your water starts growing Microorganisms?

We feel cleaning your glass nightly is the best.  At least dump it, rinse it and let it dry. It only takes about 24 hours for your bong water to become a danger zone filled with microorganisms

Is there any long-term effect from using metal screens?

As we are not doctors we would not know this.  But, at high temperatures metal does give off free radicals, as well as can degrade. Brass is said to have no heath effects, but we could not find any info on steel, but feel steel melts at a much higher temperature, so it should be […]

Are the terp pearls and pillars necessary to use a terp slurper properly?

No.  These are made for having a good time. What makes banger work?  Heat and having air go over the oils to pull the hot vaping oils from the banger or dish.  The way a terp slurper works is that the air is coming from the bottom so the marble blocks air from not going […]