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What is fuming or fumed glass

Fumed glass is glass that has either silver or gold that is vaporized and then it attaches itself to the glass. See our list of glassblowing info here also

What are the Pro’s and con’s on the Carta vs the Puff co

Both of these devices are good units for vaporizing your concentrates.  The pros and cons are. We feel the carta is a better buy.   The batteries are removable and replaceable.  The heater is more affordable, and they both work about the same.  The puffco peak is all hype.  If you want a dab rig that […]

Is our production glass china glass? What’s the difference from American glass?

Elev8 Glass gallery has two forms of production glass.  We carry our Elev8 line of glass that is both foreign-made, as well as our team, hybridizes it.  The second line of products we carry is what we call custom repeatable glass made by Elev8 Premier.   Learn more in the video below where we talk […]

Why do some glass colors cost more than other colors.

There are many factors to this. Origin of the color plays a large roll.  Glass made in America costs more than glass made in China due to labor and material costs Minerals used in the color play a very big roll.  Gold is not cheap The batch size plays a large roll also.  The more […]

Is it safe inhaling products like rez block that you put in your waterpipe water?

From all the info that the manufacturer has on their site, and their claims, YES. how it works      

Can someone buy a Elev8 peice with the phonix oath a replace it with a higher value peice or does it have to be equal value.

Great question, well as an owner of both an Elev8 rig and the Phoenix oath, yes.  If something breaks that person can upgrade their piece to a new piece of higher value.  Of course, they would be paying the Phoenix Oath price of the new piece.

who do i pass customers along to when they contact us when they have issues with a website order

If a customer contacts you from a website sale, please have them contact our customer service at 719-570-9928 or at

Why does the Silver Surfer not have a digital display?

This is a great question and may seem that it is needed, but it is NOT.  The user has more control of the temperature of the heat with their inhale speed than the heater has.  Anytime there is digital it is a lie.  Only the heater can be measured by what is called a thermistor.  […]

How do I see how much store credit I have

they should be able to see it once they login on the front end of the site: Pam handles adding the credit when she processes commissions.

how do you clean the terp typhoon air holes if you get dab residue in them?

If the holes get clogged, heat up the Typhoon and then inhale.  This should help. Another method is to heat the banger a bit, then use a small wire to push through