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what kind of glue do most papers use

gum arabic is mostly always used

Is our china glass hand blown?

Like most all glass in our industry, YES.  Steve has been to the factories 4 times to work with with team.

Does heady glass make your weed taste better

Yes and no.  It makes the experience better, so yes.  Consuming cannabis through a vape like the Silver Surfer is the best way to experience the flavor.

Will there be more Butter colors in the future?

Elev8 Premier is always making more color.  You can see them here

how is the thermal conductivity of quartz measured?

This is beyond the knowledge of Elev8.  This is all about chemistry.  We do know that when boro is added to quartz, it melts at half the temperature and is still thermal resistant, but nothing like quartz. The biggest issue when looking for a quartz banger is having a good thick wall like our typhoons.

Do you plan on making more Glass Artist collabs for the SSV?

The more we have the better.  If there is ever a glass artist that wants to participate in making a custom SSV, we encourage them to get a hold of STEVE on his IG.

Why is the SSV EOK not one full piece of quartz

The SSV requires a very specific ID of glass for the heater cover and this is only possible with boro.  Having the 10mm joint also allows the same dish to be used on the SSV and the SUP

Why is the base of the EOK Boro instead of quarts like the rest of it?

The ID of the heater cover for the SSV is very specific and therefor there needs to be a way to swap to quartz or any other heater cover design that may evolve.

Can Elev8 Premier make custom bubbler with percs?

Yes, bubblers with percs are not a problem for Elev8 Premier to make

What causes color striking glass to change color

Many times it is the silver that is added, or crystals in the glass need to form.  Annealing will help the crystals to grow and give the desired color.  Ruby by Northstar is an example of a striking red, while double amber purple is a striking color mostly done in the flame.