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are SSV fireproof? at least the frame? if yes are they waterproof/ resistant at all?

The SSV is made of aluminum and is not combustible.  They are NOT waterproof but can be cleaned with a moist rag.  If the unit gets wet, unplug it immediately and let it dry out For warranty info see here

Do you need to bring all the attachments to the Buddha, Wand, whip, mouthpiece, bag to use the trader in program for the surfer? OR can it just be the device itself?

You just need the vape for the trade in program  

Is it a possibility for a customer to buy into a warranty if say they inherited a surfer, or even offer an extended warranty service for people to purchase.

No, but anything on the SSV can be replaced or repaired for a very low cost.  You can see the info here.  

can all of the parts inside a ssv be replaced at home?

Pretty much YES. All warranty and repair info can be found here. All repair guides can be found here  

What is Delta 8

This is a man-made drug that is made from CBD.  It is much like THC, but because it is not labeled as THC it is more legal in some states.

Why does some glass crack on its own?

Because the glass was not fully compatible.  Only clear boro is 33 COE, when materials are added for color, it can become to far one way or the other and cause cracks.  It could also be the blower did not fully anneal the piece.

How do you do a double implosion? Is that possible?

This might be like an implosion that you implode, and then add more glass, then implode again.

Are we ever going to revist the vape saber? Or Life Saber

This is still a product Elev8 Makes.  The Life Saber has some good functions, but the SSV is just safer.

Would too many amps through the surfer short it out?

Yes, but the only way this could happen is if the voltage was raised some how.  The heater always has the same resistance, therefor always using the same power or amps

Whats the best way to consume Simply Soluble CBD

There are many ways to consume Simply-Soluble CBD. You can eat it.  It is bitter, so mix with sweet things You can drink it.  It is bitter, so mix with sweet things You can mix it with lotions We have it in bathbombs