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What do Thermochromatic bangers do?

Supposedly these help let you know when your banger is hot.  Many times the banger is filled with yellow frit.  Yellow glass turns orange and then black as it gets hot. Using an electric banger like on the Elev8 desktop vaporizers using the dab dish, allows you find your sweet spot, set it and forget …

What deals can we make to sell glass classes better? If they buy two classes at once can we do a discount, or if they’re able to book a full class at once can we incentivize that?

YES!  You can give up to a 30% discount if they book a full class.  If they buy two classes you can work them a 20% discount.

Can we build a larger sized bowl for SSV? or is it at capacity currently? what is the largest it could be scaled up potentially?

Because we make the Silver and Super Surfers, one can get as large or small a blow made as they want for their Elev8 vaporizer. 29mm SSV large wand and heater cover 19mm female conical wand is larger than a spherical flavor disc wand Or we have a small dosing wand to even work with …

Can we repair scratches?

Not really, a scratch will boil and just get worse.  Also, any heat work could cause a piece to break, so it is best to leave it. Once and do a polish, but this is time-consuming and not what Elev8 Premier does.

Why does combustion have such lower bioavailability

We are not doctors, so we do not fully know. What we have concluded by research is that the actual smoke particles are larger than the vapor particles.  Making it easier to absorb vapor over smoke.

Could we do custom etchings in normal pieces?

Yes, we can sandblast a standard Elev8 piece of glass. Scratched glass has worked with us before, but we can also do it in-house.  

what is the best texture/ temp combo? for concentrate what is your recommended temp vs for flower?

It all comes down to the user.  Some users want big hits, others want small hits.  You like what you like, so find your sweet spot. Concentrates will vape at a lower setting than the flower setting.  This is because the heater is directly touching the quartz, and for flower the air has to heat …

Why does the Sidekick V1 heat up quicker

The SideKick V1 uses two batteries in series to get 8.4 volts.  This allows the heater to heat up much faster.  The SK V2 uses 1 battery that has much more potential power, but because it is 1 battery, it is 3.7 volts.  Even though the SK heats up a bit slower, it can run …

has there ever been a titanium attachment for the ssv eok kit?

Yes, the Silver Surfer may have been the first E-Nail on the market.  We had not seen one until years after the first SSV EOK dab dish.   The heater had a titanium dish that one would put their dabs into. Later we found out that TI oxidizes very fast at a high temperature and can …

is Elev8 Quartz natural or lab grown?

There are two types of quartz.  Quartz crystal, which can be natural or lab-grown, or fused silica which is quartz glass.