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Would big business getting involved in cannabis consumption be dangerous to the artistic side of the market? Could it potentially make the production of glass more affordable with the investment by these larger parties?

Well, we already see that with foreign glass.  There will always be race to the bottom, that is the nasty part of capitalism.  We feel that while the prices will and have come down with foreign glass, there is and will always be a market for American artistic work.  This we feel is all dependant […]

What is the difference between a standard banger and a terp slerper

Both work well when you know how to use it.  The terp slurper is all the hype now. The main difference is the carb cap.  A standard banger needs to have a carb cap with a hole in it.  This hole directs air to the oils, moving them around and helping to vaporizer the oils […]

Can the SSV’s wax attachment be made from a high grade Titanium?!

While anything is possible, at this time we do not have the parts or tools to make the part of Titanium.

Can I request custom dichro glass pieces for my SSV

We can laser an image on a piece of dichro and then encase it in glass.  The image has to be clean and only black and white.  Vector files are best. This would be an image for a knob or maybe a marble on a wand. If you would like dicro glass we can do […]

Why do the Silver Surfer heater covers have holes and the Super Surfer heater covers does not?

For the Silver Surfer, the air intake is that little hole. For the Super Surfer, the air is drawn from under the unit and out through the heater cover, with a hole, the air would just go out there, rather than the wand.

Do Mouthpiece filters filter out any THC or CBD when you use them?

Any good filter will filter out some goodness.  The THC and CBD are part of the smoke or vapor and will stick to the filter.  We find a good water pipe is one of the best filters as it also adds a little moisture to the vapor or smoke.

For cremation glass work, how much material is needed and is a special shipping method required?

We do not need a lot of your loved one’s ashes for the glass.  1 tsp. will be enough for most pendants, and a table spoon will be more than enough.  We take every care to keep all the ashes together that we do not use and ship back to you with the art. See […]

How hot can the Gillson synthetic opal terp pearls get before they start to melt?

We do not know this.  But what we do know is the glass gets to about 2000 degress, and the opal is put in there without melting, so it is more than that. No way someone is getting their banger that hot, and if they do, WOW, they got some skills, but these should be […]

Since we can Customize the SSV, can we customize the Wax Maxer

The only thing we can really do laser engrave the black MOD.  Our laser is not powerful enough

What is more important to the quality of your dabbing, the piece and function vs the quality and thermal properties of the banger?

ah, we feel for the overall experience pure knowledge is always best, with a little experience on top. If you are new and on a budget, a good banger is what you should get first.  Nice and thick to hold the temperature.  If you are a connoisseur, upgrading to a Silver Surfer E-Banger is the […]