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What component(s) in glass give it it’s UV reaction, and could you apply it to any color to make them reactive?

This all depends.  Each mineral reacts to light differently.  The main thing is can the mineral withstand the heat of borosilicate glass? Green glowing glass is usually made with Uranium Salts. The new UV reactive glass is made with trade secret minerals.  The competition is very strong

Does the joint of a piece have names based on thickness?

Yes and no.  So German joints are called Standard Uber Bistable Today in the cannabis industry there are so many joints on the market.  Mostly they all follow the same pattern.  10mm, 14mm and 18.8mm.  The thickness is just what the blower wants to do.

how do you make the jelly fish that go into pendant and other glass?

This is a time-consuming process and why they cost a good amount of money.  These are basically an implosion marble made with filigrana.

How do you put Moldavite in a waterpipe?

Moldavite is put on the same way any glass attachment is added.  Because moldavite has the same COE as boro, it will easily fuse to the glass.

What signs do you look for to help decide whether a nail or banger need to be replaced?

If the banger has a crack in it, time to replace it. If you have overheated it without cleaning it, the banger has more than likely become “chazed”.  While it will still work, getting a new one for aesthetics might be a great idea. Te keep the banger clean look at cold start dabs.

how are honeycomb percs produced?

These are produced in a mold.  They are then removed, polished and sold to a blower.   Most of these are made in China that we know of.  But, we love them because they diffuse so well, as well as they are super durable.!

What does the process of pulling new colors consist of?

This is an expensive process.  Each new test color needs a new crucible.  These things are EXPENSIVE! Clear glass or sand is placed into the crucible, then additives are added.  New minerals do things no one knows, so a whole batch can be bad if it is well, bad.

What should you look for when buying a new grinder?

When looking for a grinder there are some good things to look out for. We LOVE a 4 piece grinder so you can save your keif.  We love a CNC machined grinder for durability.  Then, like an Elev8 grinder, the bottom that holds the kief is beveled, this helps get the keif out more easily. […]

How do blender bangers work? Is it better than a conventional banger or terp slerper?

They work by drawing air through the bottom so you can use just a marble.  You can also use terp pearls for fun and more heat retention. We feel they are WAY easier to clean than a terp slurper.  We feel they are a little harder to clean over a standard banger. Better, that is […]

Is there an estimate on the life span of a silicone pipe? As it gets older and used more does the silicone start to degrade or become a health risk?

In our opinion as soon as you can afford a glass water pipe, the life of a silicon pipe is ended.  If you properly clean the silicon on a regular basis, like you should anything you smoke out of, the silicon bong can last many years.