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How do you make a waterpipe with metallic gold coating? What is the coating?

One can use gold to fume it onto the glass.   To get the gold and make it stick to the glass, the blower must first fume it with silver.   The silver has better adhesion to the glass. Some glass has gold foil applied to the glass.  This is not borosilicate glass, as boro needs to […]

What is the most efficient way to clean glass that has been consumed out of?

The most efficient way to clean glass is clean it after each use.   This does seem like it takes more time, but in the long run, it will keep your glass clean, and will not be a pain in the ass to clean later. If you have a pipe, banger, or another small glass piece, […]

How do I see what my vaporizer is worth for trading in?

You can visit our page here to learn what you vape is currently worth to trade it in for a Silver Surfer  

what is the best type of paper? organic vs non organic? hemp or other material?

This really depends on you.  Organic is a great word to make you feel good, but is it so much better?  A paper is meant to burn, and if you want a healthier way to consume it, one should take a look at vaporizing with the Silver Surfer. With that said, really it all depends […]

how are blasting tubes used?

These are not legal in Colorado for making concentrates.  Elev8 does sell a tube that is used to extract the essence of legal herbs only. Basically, the tube is filled with herbs and then a solvent is used to run past the plant material removing the oils and essence of the plant.  This can be […]

Are the SSV and the DBV the same? Could you use accessories from like the SSV and use it on the DBV?

These units are kinda the same, but not at all the same.  If you have a conical heater cover for the SSV, yes the glass wands would be interchangeable between the SSV and DBV. The SSV we feel is by far a better consumption device.  The angle of the dangle is very important and when […]

Are there different dab tools for different forms of concentrates?

Yes, there are different types of dab tools for different forms of concentrates.  We do feel that a small flat tool is the overall best tool.  This will work on waxy concentrates, diamonds, and gooey concentrates. Here are our dab tools

how can a customer find a local retailer with our products?

As of now, we would have to call our customer service and let them know the city you are in.   We can then help find a local distributor.    

Do the typhoon bangers fit with any e-nail coil sizes?

The Typhoon banger will only fit inside a 25mm enail heater coil.  You must also use some wire to connect the Typhoon to the E-Nail heater so they do not fall apart.

do we make ground glass heatercovers for the super surfer

The main answer is no, the bowl for the Super is larger, and it can lock into place with the hands-free attachment.  Can we do it, yes, but this is a custom order and is $110 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour