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How is our Super Surfer better than a Volcano Vaporizer?

See this video.  See this blog It is made here in the USA It is more affordable It can do more

When using/striking color glass could one implement a design through this manner during a prep phase?

If one understands how the glass will strike, then yes, the artist in theory could put a design in the glass.

Yes, some things are places in a low-temperature glass as glass is a great insulator.  Mostly only a capacitor or resistor is put in a glass.   This is really never really done, and to make electronics water proof, epoxies are used.

Why are quartz bangers so much more expensive than a tradition banger? are they that much more difficult to make?

Quartz takes more heat to melt, therefore more resources are used to make the glass, therefore making it more expensive. Quartz glass is also mostly made with hydrogen and oxygen for a higher, cleaner flame. Quartz just takes more heat, and colors is hard to add.

is it unhealthy to use a wooden pipe?

Some wood can take high temperatures, as well as once there is a lot of soot, or resin built up in the pipe the wood is protected.  Smoking is not near as healthy as vaping, and the Silver Surfer is a perfect unit for flower and concentrates.

Do ground glass joints hold a better seal than a standard joint? What makes one better than the other?

As long as there is a seal, all is good.  In fact even if there is a small leak, there really is nothing wrong.  It will actually cool the smoke or vapor some.  People like the ground glass joint for its cleanliness and the extra skill it takes a blower to make. For ease of […]

How often does a glassblowing torch need to be cleaned?

This all depends on the torch brand, how it is used and or abused.  As a rule of thumb, Elev8 Premier likes to clean their torches weekly.

what are the benefits of a coldstart dab?

Some benefits of a cold start dab are Efficiency, you will use less butane Less chance of burning yourself. Usually better flavor as you do not overheat the dabs.

Do the vortex recyclers provide any more benefit or does it just look cool?

They just look cool.  This is the challenger for the blowers to get a recycling function and get the vortex look.  It is purely for looks, but does it not look COOL!!

How are the bubble in a bubble trap prep made?

Bubble trap can be done in many ways actually.  Adding lines, and crisis crossing them and then sleeving will trap air.  Rolling on a frog pad will put indents in the glass and then sleeving will trap air.  One can push a dent into the glass with a TI pick and then put glass over […]