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How Do I Leave A Review for 7th Floor Vapes?

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How is layaway done for out of state?

Layaway is done much like it is for instate.  You just have to email the form to them, and they must sign it and send it back Here is the link to our Lay a Way Here is the Layaway agreement.  You must print this and have them fill it out

Can we ship internationally during COVID-19?

Yes, but it does not mean another country will let in our products.  The world is in a fuck now, but it will move eventually and get there.

A giveaway customer is having issues with our product not working, who do I send them too?

You would send them to customer service if the item has already been received. His number is 719-570-9928. Email is

What if my package or order says it was delivered, but I never received it?

This does happen from time to time and it really really sucks.  Shitty people out there take advantage of our online world now.  We hate to hear this as much as you do, and it pains us to say that once the package leaves our hands, it is out of our control. Please see our […]

How Do I Registar My 7th Floor Vaporizer

You can do that by going to our product registration page and filling out this form. To see the registration database click here (no public access)

why is my silver surfer not getting hot enough?

There could be a few reasons. Are you breathing too fast?  The faster the draw, the cooler the vapor.  Turn the unit up, or inhale slower to get a hotter vape. The vape worked before and now it is not?   This could be done when moving your vape, or if you changed the heater cover.  […]

Why do we not use Fedex to ship to a P.O. Box?

We do not use Fedex to ship to a P.O. Box because Fedex will charge us an extra $9.00 to do so. USPS make this happen so you use USPS for their post office box They are competition.

Non discounted items on the website or store

Exclusions Volcano Vape                               Custom Glass Plenty Vape                                  Glass Repairs Mighty Vape                                  PuffCo Peak Crafty Vape                                   Pax Products Drinks                                           Cigarettes Butane                                         Charlotte’s Web 3OZ Blunt Wraps                                  Clearance Tobacco/ Nicotine Products          Firefly Vape DaVinci IQ/Ascent                        Whitney Harmon Quaves (25% Max) We also do not allow double discounts, they will get the greater discounts.

Ground glass wand is stuck in the conical heater cover and can’t be removed

So far we have 3 ways to resolve this issue. 1. If the customer has a Da Buddha vape or Silver Surfer that has a conical wand and heater cover, allow the vape to cool for 30 minutes, then have them place the entire unit in the freezer for 20-30 mins. If they have a Silver […]