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What days and times are glass blowing classes? They are not listed on the calendar.

You can contact Jeff and scedual a class most any day of the week. Weekends are best, and are open fully if they say nothing.  If there is already a class, the day will show how many open spots there are.

Can we make custom diffused slides?

Yes, you must find out the length, joint size, joint gender and colors.  To help with this contact Jeff. 719-301-0774

How much experience do you need in order to rent space out of Elev8 Premier Studio?

At a bare minimum, one must take a Liquid Arts Class.  This teaches safety and the basics of glass Talk with a sales rep at the store to book a class.  Booking a class with a sales rep helps them earn commission!

What happens if a product’s price changes after a CX has purchased a Phoenix Oath. Do they pay half the new price or half the original purchase price?

They would pay half price for the new prices.  If there is a ton of kickback, go with the lowest price.  But let them know for the future that it is what the current price is on the site.

Does the Surfer valve wand fit in the Volcano, and does it sit inside the Hybrid filling chamber. Can you please confirm if the All Glass Valve System for Volcano and SSV Super Surfer so that material is vaporized without coming into contact with plastic walls of the chamber?

Elev8 Distribution does not have a Hybrid unit on hand to build parts.  Anyone that ever wants parts made can help us by donating a part that is needed to be made.  This is a win for us all.

Can we make glass rings?

We can for sure make glass rings.  This is not our specialty so we can not size it perfectly like a normal store would.  Also, the glass is small, so it is thin, and it can break very easily.  Your hands take a lot of abuse.

What is an easy way to find our affordable production pieces on EGG?

For affordable glass you will want to pick the category to help refine, or just go with shop all. Then sort from Low to High and you will get the most affordable glass we have on the site.

What is the best way to mine for followers on Social Media?

Jeff has found that if you go to a store or glassblower and see who is interacting on their page. Go to the page of the person that is interacting, follow them and now follow who they are following. Or who is following them? For example, go to @elev8glassgallery find who is commenting on their […]

can we fix a broken carb hole?

Yes, fixing a carb can be done.  We can fix a lot of glass, but not all glass.  Learn more on our website, or stop in to Elev8 East Side or Elev8 West Side

Can we make custom slide/banger holders/hangers or other custom glass?

If it is made of glass, yes, we make all kinds of things.  We have our clear ones here, but we can make them from any color, lined tubing or Butter Color. For wholesale order see here