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The Super Surfer doesn’t have an isolated air path.

Question: I would love to have the Super Surfer but I am concerned that the air path isn’t completely isolated. Answer: No the air path is not completely isolated, the dimmer PCB and LED are housed within the upright portion of the housing, with that said, they are separated from the heating element and before …

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what to do if your vaporizer is not heating up

I bought a SSV from you guys about 3 years ago and it just stopped working.. The ceramic element seems to be loose and will not heat up. I haven’t found much on the internet for troubleshooting. I was wondering if you guys have any tips or have run into this issue before. The red …

How Do I Set Up a Vaporizer Repair Order?

Have the customer register the vaporizer if they haven’t already done so. They must register by clicking the ‘Registration’ link or the ‘Register Now’ button on our Warranty page. If the customer is on the phone, we can file the warranty registration for them.  Have the customer file a claim for the repair service using …

Can we take multiple payment types for a single order?

At this time our system does not allow for more than one type of payment, until this gets fixed or if anyone calls asking for help this is what is to be done: 1. Have them place the order and choose “Wholesale call back” for the check out option. 2. Either send the appropriate number …

how many local artists does the Elev8 Glass Gallery support?

This is number we really do not know.  We try to buy from all local artists, be them from Colorado or from around the USA.  WE LOVE GLASS! I think over the years we have supported over 100 local blowers that have come through

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Trello Handles

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Where do I go for help with questions that arise?

Good day, when a question arises it is important that we are all utilizing Please keep in mind that not every person communicates in the same way so inputting keywords vs a question may help some.  For example You will see I asked the database ” How do I check for Messages” and there are no answers.  …

is there a sweet spot for filling bags on the Super surfer

Yes, the Super has basically 3 sweet spots for each user. Whip –  This will be the highest temperature you find.  This is from the herb heating and cooling from the inhales and non inahles Bag –  When filling the bag you will have a lower sweet spot.  The air runs at a slower steady …