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Is our production glass china glass? What’s the difference from American glass?

Elev8 Glass gallery has two forms of production glass.  We carry our Elev8 line of glass that is both foreign-made, as well as our team, hybridizes it.  The second line of products we carry is what we call custom repeatable glass made by Elev8 Premier.   Learn more in the video below where we talk […]

How do I check my Lootly Points

Lootly is the rewards and loyalty tracker that we use for Lootly Points are accumulated for purchases made and other tasks such as creating a user account on the site. To check your Lootly points navigate over to Lookin the bottom right corner of the browser window for the Rewards button. If you […]

RMA Policies for retail, wholesale and distributors

RMA policy for Elev8 Distribution Direct Sale to End Users RMA/Warranty/Resale policy for Elev8 Distribution LLC Sales to Reseller

What is it about our artists that makes our shop different?

Well, our in-house artists pay all their taxes!  Many garage blowers are not paying taxes, putting their tax burden on YOU. Also, our team of blowers has the Elev8 mindset pumping in their veins.  Our artists have taught hundreds of artists locally and around the world. Our artists are held to a very high standard […]

What is our fraud detection procedure?

Fraud Protection Doc

How do i know if my surfer is getting as hot as its supposed to?

You should be getting a nice vapor cloud.  If you inhale slow you should see it turn dark brown, and actually be careful, as you can burn it turned all the way up, inhaling slow. How to get big hits Learn how to use the Silver Surfer Vaporizer    

Dimmer Repair – How do I repair or replace the dimmer in my SSV, DBV or Super Surfer? This is a CE dimmer with 5 wires

Please see this video

How Do I Leave A Review for 7th Floor Vapes?

Leave Review

How is layaway done for out of state?

Layaway is done much like it is for instate.  You just have to email the form to them, and they must sign it and send it back Here is the link to our Lay a Way Here is the Layaway agreement.  You must print this and have them fill it out

Can we ship internationally during COVID-19?

Yes, but it does not mean another country will let in our products.  The world is in a fuck now, but it will move eventually and get there.