Filing Claims for Route Shipment Insurance

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Filing Claims for Route Shipment Insurance

Customers are also able to file the claim for their shipment with the order ID or Route ID that is emailed them after completing the purchase, and the email address they used for the purchase, on

If the customer is not comfortable with the process, we can also file it on their behalf.

The first step is assessing what the nature of the issue is, if the package was Lost, Stolen, or Damaged.

If the package has been lost, but is showing Delivered, you will have to wait for 5 days after the declared delivered date to file the claim

If the order was stolen, the customer maybe required to file a police report and have the documents related to that notarized before the claim can proceed.

With that said lets start the process.

Open a browser window and go to

Go to the Sign In at the top right corner.

There are two options presented, you want the Merchant Login.

You will be presented with the login screen.  The username is, the password can found in the Password spreadsheet.

Once signed in, you will select Orders in the left side bar.

Once in Orders, change the Category to Store Order Number

Search for the order you would like to file the claim for.

Click on the order to open a Right Side Bar menu.

Click on Report an Issue.

This opens a new window with the Customer’s information pre-populated.

Once Next is clicked it will bring you to the resolve center.

Depending if it’s the whole package or just a few items in the case of a damaged package, you will select all the parts affected.

At this point you will detail what the nature of the loss is and what the customer is requested, refund or reshipment.

Once submitted the Claim may need to be reviewed by Route.

To check on the status return to the dashboard and click on the order again to return to the Resolve Center.