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Home Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Customer Service
Does the company have a mission or vision statement?

Yes Elev8 – Mind – Body – Spirit Here at Elev8 we have this code of conduct because we believe in it.  Yes, it is longer than some, but its that real to us.  We feel by adhering to these codes of conduct we will build the billion dollar company we have envisioned.  The general intent […]

Does our shipping and handling charges cover duties and taxes for our international customers?

No, us as the shippers do not know what your government will charge for the duties or taxes so they are not included in your order total

Can we fix specifically Ground Glass joints if the rest of the glass isn’t damaged? How much does it cost? How long does it take?

We can most likely fix ground glass joints, but require a photo to see exactly how it was broken. Ground Glass joint repair cost 40$, plus return shipping costs. Most repairs can take 1-3 weeks depending on the workload of our Glass Shop.  This is for 7th Floor products If they have another item that […]

Can I get a quartz nail for the Essential Oil Kit to replace the titanium nail that it comes with?

We now have two differnt dishes, the small one, and the deep dish, both are made of quartz The quartz nail design, unfortunately, will not work in the Essential Oil Kit due to the fact that the nail itself will fail when subjected to the heat of the ceramic heating element. We have a borosilicate and […]

Can a Customer order custom colored Ground glass? Can a Customer Order a wand or Heater Cover with the ground glass color selection?

The ground joint can be clear, black, green, blue and amber. Just the joint as this is made in outside our factory. We have these in both male and female in both 19 and 14mm.

Can we add a WRS tube to a customers existing Vape? What are the costs associated with this service?

If we have the raw materials yes.  The cost is $100.  They must also pay to have the unit shipped to us and pay to have it shipped back

Protected: What should we do if the phone number from the website doesn’t ring the office phones and doesn’t get to the automated system?

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How many different brands of glass does elev8 carry?

We carry a lot and it is always growing.  Please see our brands page.

Protected: How do we know if any of our customers signed up for the phoenix plan?

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How much would it cost to make a pipe with 4 bowls on it?

We charge $100 per hour.  This depends how much art you want in.  How much do you want to spend is the question and then we can find out if we can do that.