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Where do I go for help with questions that arise?

Good day, when a question arises it is important that we are all utilizing Please keep in mind that not every person communicates in the same way so inputting keywords vs a question may help some.  For example You will see I asked the database ” How do I check for Messages” and there are no answers.  …

is there a sweet spot for filling bags on the Super surfer

Yes, the Super has basically 3 sweet spots for each user. Whip –  This will be the highest temperature you find.  This is from the herb heating and cooling from the inhales and non inahles Bag –  When filling the bag you will have a lower sweet spot.  The air runs at a slower steady …

what should i do if my dimmer switch isnt working properly on my ssv

Please contact customer support.  You may have to replace the dimmer like in this video.

how can a customer find the nearest shop to them that sells SSV parts

As of now the best way is for them to call Elev8 Distribution and ask who is near them.  We do not have a great way on our site.

Basic Heater Check for the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer and Da Buddha Vaporizer.

The height of the heater in your Elev8 Vehicle is crucial.  It NEEDS to be about 1/8″ from the top of the heater cover. Learn more in the video below.

Why is the base of the EOK Boro instead of quarts like the rest of it?

The ID of the heater cover for the SSV is very specific and therefor there needs to be a way to swap to quartz or any other heater cover design that may evolve.

I have a 2007 silver surfer. Can I upgrade to the elev8r wand and spherical cover?

Yes, the beauty of the SSV is that it can always be upgraded.  A 2007 is better to have it sent in to upgrade the heater stand to the new spring tension style.  The old style used spacers to compensate the variable ID of the heater cover that comes from Shotte glass with tolerance.

What to do with a negative customer interaction

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Gmail Scripts For Customer Service

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Leaving Notes In Elev8 One for Customer Care Retail

Leaving notes for your customers is very very important to the exceptional experience we want to offer our customers.  We work as a team so we must leave these notes so our teammates can run with the ball when needed. Open Click on Contacts In search contacts, you will search for the contact you …