how is a fab perc made?

Fab percs are made very carfully.  It is made just like any doughnut in glass, but a lot of t

can ssv tubing go bad?

Like anything over time, the product can become worn out.  After a lot of use, it may be hard to clean it.  If left out in the sunlight UV can also cause degradation.

Can you put Kief Pucks in the SSV?

Yes, but the keif will have to break down for good air flow.  It is also helpful to turn the heat up when doing this.  Even adding a little flower to help hold the keif is also good.

what is the percentage of THC left in duff?

This is a really crazy answer and question really.  Fist there is no THC in cannabis.  The plant only grows THCa.  This then turns to THC when it is decarboxylated by heat or light.

What is left in the duff is based on how much was in the herb to begin with, and how far you vaped it.  The darker you get your herb, the more you extract.

Can You use tobacco in the Silver Surfer

Yes, you can vaporize any herb that has oils in it.  Tobbacco is a bit harsher than cannabis, but once you get used to it, it is more comfortable.

Learn about tobacco vaping in our blog

Can Platinum be fumed

Yes, it is very expensive and does not add much, so it is rarely ever used in glass.