My PID for the ELEV8r is not getting hot

This can be either an issue of the PID or the heater.   If you have access to another PID, test the heater in it.  If it has the same error, the issue is the heater. If the issue is solved, it was the PID that is bad.  Please contact customer service for help. As you […]

What is the difference between joints and cones?

Joints and cones are pretty much the same things other than the shape, and how they are made by YOU. A joint is made with a paper that you roll yourself.  Learn to roll a joint with and without a cruch A cone is a paper that has been rolled for you and may oftentimes […]

What should one do if their EOK is stuck?

If your dab dish gets stuck, how is it stuck? Sometimes the quartz dab dish will get stuck in the boro adapter.  If this happens, LEAVE it.  Over time and use the joint gets pushed really hard into the other joint.  At this point, you can clean the two parts together. You can clean both […]