What are the future plans for the Silver Surfer? Like any upgrades, new ways to smoke out of it or New designs?

Well, the Silver Surfer still to this day offers more ways to consume in more unique ways than any other desktop vaporizer on the market.  Our dab dish can not be touched by any desktop, enail, or any other type of electric dapping device.  It gives you what you want.  Then when it comes to […]

Do we offer the same custom options on the Sidekick that we do for the SSV? like colors, images, engraving and all that?

The SideKick can be upgraded with a mouthpiece or can be engraved.  There are also other accessories for the SideKick to make it more universal. Accessories for SK If the customer wants it engraved we can do their name or you can pic an image from the product here