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A list of glassblowers that are in Colorado and Colorado Springs

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Protected: A list of glassblowers that are in Colorado and Colorado Springs

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If people take more than one class are they able to advance their skills each time by learning new/ different skills?

Yes!  The more you are on the torch, and the more you learn, the better you will be.  We feel after taking your first LAE class it is best to rent some time on the Nation Torch for only $25 to learn the feel and flow of glass a little more.  Once you have about […]

How do I schedule a Glassblowing class from headshop?

After they have checked out and checked the schedule to verify space you can fill this form for them.  If you have access you can see the datasheet that has the info of who is taken care of

Elev8 Premier Contractor Expectations

Contractor Expectations Elev8 Premier is a team of blowers that have a goal to be GREAT in their craft.  The ultimate goal here is making money to make dreams come true.  While we wish money did not make the world how it is, we also need to make this system work for us all the […]

Elev8 Premier Expectations For All Glass blowers

See the full sheet of expectations for Elev8 Premier here

What’s the youngest age allowed for our glassblowing class experience?

This is a great question and it really comes down to the child.  We have had a child as young as 8. You can book a glassblowing class here.  

How to buy raw glass tubing, joints, color or clear from Elev8 Premier

Scan this QR code to bring up the buying Form Fill out the form Pick the Glass Style Pick the Glass Color Pick the gram price (this is for spreadsheet data) Weigh and enter the weight Do this for each color you get Spot weighs will be taken, be honest, please When done have an […]

How to make a function video/reel for instaram and youtube

How to make a function video: Using the Function Video Stage upstairs (polished metal table) film all clips that you will need. Get a clip with at least one full rotation on the turntable (landscape mode), one clip panning upwards from the bottom of the rig to the top (do this one in portrait mode), […]

How To adjust the belt on the small purple lathe