How to Stock and Open Boxes of Rods

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This is very important so glass does  NOT get scratched

  1. Remove the Empty box of Rods you wish to replace, then locate your next full box of rods from the stock area RACK 3 (Refer to Picture A1). Carry the box to it’s proper location the the shelf. Make sure the measurements on the box match the numbers on the shelf. The box lable goes on the right side of the rack. Make sure the arrows on the box are pointing up, if they aren’t, you will need to spin the box until it sits correctly.
  2. After you have spun the box around so the arrows are pointing up, you will then cut the tape and lift open the top flap. Notice on the inner bottom flap of the box and how it has three open slots, these slots hold the locking flaps of the top portion of the box. Take a knife and cut the right and left slot and the cardboard surrounding it off of the box, while leaving the middle slot still intact with about an 1 1/2″ of carboard surrounding it (Refer to Picture B2). This will help keep the top flap locked on to the bottom flap and will help prevent any dust or debris from falling on the glass rods.
  3. Once you have removed the right and left portions of the bottom flap, you will throw the removed portions away. Now you will cut the plastic open on both ends of the glass. Cut down the center and then to the sides. This will allow easy removal of the glass rods from the box. Locate a permanent marker and write the size of the glass on the top and front of the box, for easy identification (Refer to Picture C3). Then, grab your glass, close the top flap, make sure the flap is locked in the slot, and return to your station!