Live glass blowing load out checklist

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  • Propane-

1 full 20lb tank.

  • Oxygen-

1 full K tank. 

The tank with the black ring shows it is in use.  Use this one.  If it is a long event take 2 tanks.  After the event, bring the used tank to the OXY refill station

  • Torch chest- (Large Dub Saq case)

The chest should have 2 torches and 1 propane regulator and 1 oxygen regulator.

  • Shop Phone for pictures
  • Supply tote-

Water bowl, graphite pads, wood block, fire extinguisher.

  • Water jug-

3 gal. It’s best to bring our own.

  • Cinder blocks-

         X-6 (2) for torch mounts, (4) for tent corners.

  • Tool box-

Be sure there is an adjustable wrench.

Zip ties, diag cutters, Razer blade Flathead and philips screwdriver.

  • Power supply box.
  • Light box-

2 lights and 2 extension cords.

  • Glass supply case.

        Be sure there is plenty of clear and color.


  • Glass for sales.

This glass can come from multiple places. Blowers personal glass, 1 off glass that may be in a display cabinet or just hanging out in the office. The point is to have a nice display of glass to showcase what we do.  Showing off all of Premier.


  • Tables x2 and chairs x4

1 working table for torches and 1 display table for glass/products. 4 chairs.

  • Table cloth for displayed products.
  • Canopy case.

Bars & brackets walls.


  • Vermiculite-

6 gal metal can with lid.

  • Fans-

1-2 fans or 1 swamp cooler if needed.

  • Rubber mats-
  • Shop phone

Get plenty of pictures.

  • Radio 

          Red Milwaukee.

  • Cards and sticker box.    


Each blower that will be working the event will be responsible for having their own glasses and tools.