How to make in invoice in Wave

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  1. Log into Wave
  2. Click on the business you are making an invoice from
  3. Click on Sales and Payments
  4. Click on Invoices
  5. Click Create a new invoice
  6. Click add a customer
    1. If you see a customer you have used before, pick that customer
    2. For a new customer click on Create a new customer
    3. Enter their full name or business for the Customer input
    4. Enter their email (this is where the invoice will be sent to)
    5. Enter their phone number if you have it
    6. Enter their first and last name of the contact
    7. click save
  7. Click Add Item
    1. If you see an item click it and add it.
    2. If you do not see the item click Create a new item
      1. Enter the name
      2. Enter a description
      3. Enter the price
      4.  Click Edit Income account and pick proper account.  If you have ANY questions please ask the book keeper for advice.
        EXAMPLE View Income Account – if it is Raw Glass, click on Raw Glass
    3. Scroll down and click Save and continue
  8. Click Approve Draft
  9. Click Send Invoice
    1. Check the Send a copy to myself
    2. Check attach the invoice a pdf
    3. Click Send
  10. Click close and you are done