How to Run the Paragon Kiln

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Elev8 Premier Schedule Sentry 3 button board Starting the Kiln

  1. Press the Lower Arrow (Right Button) Twice
  2. Press the “STRT/STOP” (Left Button) Twice, the sequence is: Right, Right, Left, Left
  3. This will have started the paragon Kiln

Change the temperature after running

  1. Press the Up Arrow (Middle Button) 3 times.
  2. Press the “STRT/STOP” (Right Button) Once
  3. Use the Arrows to set the desired temperature
  4. Press the “STRT/STOP” Button Once to Set the Temperature

Annealing the kiln

  1. Press the Upper Arrow (Middle Button) Once
  2. Press the “STRT/STOP” (Right Button) Twice, the sequence is: Middle, Right, Right

Running the kiln for Decals We use 2 programs for running the kiln.  Program 1 is used 90% of the time, while program 1 is used in times of need. Program 1 is the safest for decals.  It is set to bring the kiln up to 200 degrees for 2 hours to allow any potential moisture to get out.  Program 2 brings up the kiln to 1100 super fast and if there is any moisture in the decals they will have air bubble holes making the decal look very bad

The ideal method is to decal the glass 24 hours before needing to run in a kiln.  This is the best.    You can run Program 2 or 1.  Still Program 2 is best, but if a need to be fast is done, and they have sat 24 hours, this is the only time you can go to Program 1.

In a pinch, you can run them sooner, but this is not ideal, but this can be done only on PROGRAM 2.

Never put colored soft glass jars upright.  They MUST be upside down.  They will get oblong and be trash.

  1. Fill the killn as much as you can using the jigs.  Never set any glass on top of a decal.  Glass can touch, but the decals can not touch.
  2. Press the Start/Stop button, this will run it through the sequence allowing you to see that you are in the proper program.
    1. Run program 1.  If you are in a rush and need to run program 2 talk to a manager and figure out how to avoid the situation in the future.

  3. When you get to the program setting after pressing the Start/Stop button this is when you will press the up button to change the program from 1 to 2 or vise versa
    1. You will see other programs and settings.  You will only use 1 or 1
  4. Once you have adjusted for the proper program press the Start/Stop button until you see START on the screen, press it 1 more time and you will see on