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Private Labeling

Private Labeling  Private labeling is one of the cheapest marketing tools our customers can take advantage of to build their brand. Getting the logo in front of the market can build a brand very quickly, and the brand would be backed with our extremely high quality products. Shops can add their own logo or catch …

How to add an event for Elev8 Ambassadors

Log into Click on Events Click on Add Event Use this sheet to get the event If there is a link, click on it to get the info Save the image of the event Add the Title of the Event Add the graphic in the description.  Center it Click Add media Upload files Click …

Protected: How do we add new products to Elev8.One?

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Protected: How do we add new Butter or Vac Stack colors to our product line?

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How do I adjust the wholesale price of a product without affecting its retail price?

This is accomplished by taking advantage of BigCommerce’s Customer Groups feature. We can set a fixed price for specific products which is only applied to customers who are in a specific customer group. Here’s how you do it: On BigCommerce’s sidebar menu, click “Customers” Click on “Customer Groups” under the “Customers” menu. Click on the …

Protected: Marketing/Web Manual Master Page — Resources and Standard Operating Procedures

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Using Lightroom for Product Images

Open adobe Lightroom on your computer.   You should have the login info Click on Library Save the images from the camera to new photos and make a new folder of the date.  Unloade the images there. Now highlight them all and drag and drop them into LightRoom Click on Develop now Each image kinda has …

How do I get an artist butter color or a Silver Surfer for the Elev8 at 8 interview.

Send the blower this link

Where are the Intro and Outro videos

Our main shared folder is here and you can find a lot off good marketing collateral.  If you need more, let us know. Intro and Outro videos