How to add an event for Elev8 Ambassadors

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  1. Log into
  2. Click on Events
    1. Click on Add Event
  3. Use this sheet to get the event
  4. If there is a link, click on it to get the info
  5. Save the image of the event
  6. Add the Title of the Event
  7. Add the graphic in the description.  Center it
    1. Click Add media
    2. Upload files
    3. Click on the image you saved
    4. Click insert into post
    5. You may need to center the image again
  8. Hit return and then aline to the left
  9. Insert info about the headliner band, you can get this from google
  10. Scroll down and click on the second event tab.
  11. Enter the date by clicking on the calendar
  12. Enter the location of the event
  13. Enter the cost of the event
  14. Enter this link for the Register to event link
  15. Input the words into Regester to event text
    1. Join the Event
  16. Click on add image
    1. click on the image you put in the description
  17. Click publish