How do I adjust the wholesale price of a product without affecting its retail price?

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This is accomplished by taking advantage of BigCommerce’s Customer Groups feature. We can set a fixed price for specific products which is only applied to customers who are in a specific customer group. Here’s how you do it:

    1. On BigCommerce’s sidebar menu, click “Customers
    2. Click on “Customer Groups” under the “Customers” menu.
    3. Click on the name for the Customer Group that you want to edit.
    4. Scroll down to the “Product Level Discounts” section and click on the last “+” button at the bottom of the list. If there are multiple pages worth of Product Level Discounts then this will take you straight to the end of the list and it will create a new discount entry field.
    5. On the blank entry field that you just created, click on the blue hyperlink that says “For this product (– SELECT –)”, this will open a “Select Product” dialog window.
    6. In the “Select Product” dialog window, scroll down to “Search by Product Name” and type in the SKU or product name for which you want to adjust the pricing. Highlight the product and click “OK”.
      1. If a product already has a Product Level Discount in the current Customer Group, the product will be grayed out. If you want to adjust it you’ll need to find the discount in the list of “Product Level Discounts
    7. Enter the total price that wholesale customers should pay for the product in the blank price entry field.
    8. Click on the dropdown menu to the right and change it to “Fixed Price”.
    9. Double-check your work before clicking the “Save & Exit” button in the bottom right corner.