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Do you have a wholesale customer media kit?

You can find all our marketing stuff here. The google drive with TONS of videos and images is here, and can also be found in the link above.  

How to check Voicemail on Desktop Phones

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I have a real issue with our last order and the pillar and pearl

This is probably just carbon buildup.  All our glass is made from Boro and is annealed.

Can we make custom slide/banger holders/hangers or other custom glass?

If it is made of glass, yes, we make all kinds of things.  We have our clear ones here, but we can make them from any color, lined tubing or Butter Color. For wholesale order see here

Where are the bar codes or UPC codes for Elev8 Distribution Products?

See this page

I have an issue with Elev8 One, what should I do for my wholesale order?

If you have any issues and need help, please contact Sachin at also CC  

Is the Dimmer repair kit $25 retail and $12.50 wholesale? I am pulling up $25 for both. I wasn’t sure if this item was different than others.

No, the dimmer kit is so low this is our lowest price for the dimmer repair kit. The heater repair kit is the same also for both wholesale and retail

Are our elev8 decals for sale for customers?

Yes, but in order to put a decal on, one needs a kiln to bake it on at 1050 degrees F

How can I get my contacts info out of One to make an email list?

There is no export for this function due to safety reasons and keeping our contacts safe. What you can do is copy and paste the email into a google calc spreadsheet. There is NEVER A REASON to send bulk emails to your customers.  If you wish to have bulk emails sent to your customers talk […]