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As a wholesale rep how do I get my customers registered for a wholesale login?

1. If this is not a confirmed account and the buyer wants to browse. Send an Elev8 Distribution Welcome Letter with test account sample LOGIN INFORMATION .  This allows the wholesale customer instant access to the discount side of the website. 2. Best accuracy – The rep or the customer ( prefer the customer) go […]

ambassador product sheets and information (One Sheets)

You can get web banners and product info here.   This is for Elev8 Dolls, Elev8 Gents, Elev8 At Home Reps and Elev8 Distribution Sales Reps.

How to change a contact in Elev8 One for Wholesale customers

In this video you will see how to change a contact in Elev8 one that is used to connect an account.  The contact is what Big C uses for the order so the customer must be the same email as the account buyer or owner  

I have a wholesale customer that has a PID from our enail or Elev8r kit that is bad. What do I do?

If you have the PID in stock and are returning for replacement please follow these steps. 1. Email your representative with the amount you are needing to return. 2. Remove PID Box from the storage box. 3. Leave all the glass and cords in the storage box. (or wherever you store them) 4. Package the PID […]

How do I see previous Orders for Wholesale Customers

See Link

How do I pull up the sales history of an account? This will aid when getting reorders and knowing what to pitch or not to pitch.

The best way to see sales history is from your Account.   Every time an order is completed the rep should upload the PDF of the order. Another way to see your customer’s order is to log into Big C as your customer.

Should I ever worry about the pricing and labels in elev8 one? Most pricing is old pricing for WRS but this one says super 2 and has old ssv wrs pricing.

The price that is in Elev8 one is a placeholder and may reflect an old price.   When the cart is made for the customer, the customer will get the price that they are set up for being wholesale or dropship pricing.  

Where can I upload photos to the shared drive?

We have a few shared folders We have Elev8 Premier camera that shares for its shop, and then we take some of the pictures and make it for LAE We also have shared images and videos. If you have videos for youtube or any other media to help grow Elev8 add them here. Here are […]

After I have logged a missing, damaged or replacement issue, how can I track the progress?

After filling out this form Your customer should have notes put into their account from our team.

Does the 10 inch beaker come with a bowl? My customer normally gets them but did not this time.

Yes the 10 inch beaker and all our water pipes come with a bowl. If the item did not go out, this form for missing items need to be filled out so Shipping and replacing them