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what is slotting?

This is when the manufacturer or distributor must pay a retailor for shelf space

what is the difference between 50% and 200% markup?

In reality, this is the same thing.  The retail business sector calls keystone a 50% markup.  But the reality is keystone is 2x the wholesale price to make it the retail.  This is a 200% markup.  But when the retailer sells the goods the keep 50% of the money from the item so they call […]

what is co-op advertising?

This is when the shop demands that we pay for the room on their shelves.

Why don’t we work with distributors?

We do not work with distributors because we have been shit on by almost all of them.  They do not care about us or you, they care about them and their profits only while killing our profits. We made a move to end working with distributors in 2018.  This allows us to give better service […]

How to we remake a piece or rig?

First the piece is confirmed that it can be remade, then process order, take payment, and submit a form through You will be contacted if there is any additional confirmation or if any additional information is needed.

How do we remake a glass piece, pipe, bong or rig for an order?

Please fill out this form  

How Do I Put In A Custom WRS Silver or Super Surfer Vaporizer Wholesale Order Or As An At Home Rep

Click on this link and fill out the form below.

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How can we assure Phoenix oath info is included in shipping for wholesale orders

You will need to add the promotional material for each piece you want to have.  So if you have 8 pieces that qualify for this promotional material you will pick 8 of that particular product.