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Can we upgrade a SSV or Super Surfer to a WRS?

Both the SSV and Super can be upgraded to a WRS before the build.  Once the unit is built, it can not be upgraded. Silver WRS Super WRS

Can we label Bic lighters?

Any Bic lighter can have a label on it, much like the Elev8 glass and Elev8 Veteran lighters.  This is not our business and is not a product we do.

How to write and send a newsletter

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Protected: How to write and send a newsletter

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How do I prepare a return label for a customer?

Open ShipStation Click the calculator icon on the toolbar at the top of the page. Enter the city and postal code. Click the “Package” dropdown menu and choose the dimensions for the box. Click “Browse Rates” Check the rates and select the cheapest option that is compatible with the package. Click “Configure Label” at the …

Can we take multiple payment types for a single order?

At this time our system does not allow for more than one type of payment, until this gets fixed or if anyone calls asking for help this is what is to be done: 1. Have them place the order and choose “Wholesale call back” for the check out option. 2. Either send the appropriate number …

Repair Process for Repair Centers

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Protected: Repair Process for Repair Centers Out of Country

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How do I adjust the wholesale price of a product without affecting its retail price?

This is accomplished by taking advantage of BigCommerce’s Customer Groups feature. We can set a fixed price for specific products which is only applied to customers who are in a specific customer group. Here’s how you do it: On BigCommerce’s sidebar menu, click “Customers” Click on “Customer Groups” under the “Customers” menu. Click on the …

How do I keep my cart from expiring? I am a wholesale customer and add things as needed until I have a big enough order to satisfy my store.

After time the cart will expire as to not hold inventory out of the system.  The customer does need to place the order if they are making one.