Private Labeling

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Private Labeling 

Private labeling is one of the cheapest marketing tools our customers can take advantage of to build their brand. Getting the logo in front of the market can build a brand very quickly, and the brand would be backed with our extremely high quality products. Shops can add their own logo or catch phrase to a wide array of different products. 

Custom Engraving:

  • We offer custom engravings to add a personalized flare to some of our products. This is a great way for a company to build their brand and spread their name throughout their market. We can add engravings to Grinders, SideKicks, and Wax Maxer Pens. For a custom engraving, there will be an initial set-up fee of $25 to get the logo vectored and compatible for our engraving machine. Once we have the artwork on file, we will store that information so there will only be the 1-time set up fee.
  • When doing an engraving for a wholesale customer, there will be a $1.25 fee per piece when the product is ordered.

Glass Decal:

We can order custom decals, for a wholesale account, to be put on pretty much any piece of glass. For a brand new design, there is a $50 set up fee. The decals would then cost $0.50 per decal, with a minimum of 200 decals ordered. We would need the customer to send us the image, and let us know if they would like the decal in full color, or just in Platinum. We will also need to know size, or a description of the application they were using it for so we can figure out the best size to go with. The decal can take 2-3 weeks to come in after being ordered. 

  • Once the glass is ordered and the decals are in, there will be a $1.00 charge per decal to install on the glass.
    • Up Front Cost = $50 set up fee + $0.50 per decal (minimum 200). 
    • Later Order Cost = Glass price + $1.00 installation fee


Step by Step process for any custom WRS designs:

We also offer custom WRS designs that can be applied to SSV and SUP housings.

Whether it be your shop’s custom logo, or just a piece of art that you think would really catch the shoppers attention.


The process for creating a custom WRS is as follows:


Contact your sales representative, they will send over the Photoshop template file for the layout of a WRS artwork.


If you have any issues or questions regarding laying out your artwork we can assist you in that area.


If you have a need to have the artwork rendered or laid out for you, additional cost will be incurred.  


If you would like to have our in house design team make a WRS design for you that can be discussed and a price per hour for work will be addressed.


Once the artwork is laid out a copy will be sent to the customer for approval, after which the art is approved.


The Trello card is created linking to the order for the WRS product.


Once the the design is applied to a device. The products will be assembled and placed back in the photo booth for photos to be taken for display on the website gallery.


Once photos are completed