Why is it called quartz glass if it’s not made from quartz crystal?

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They are both derived from silicone dioxide.  Both natural and artificial have about 99% silicone dioxide, while quartz glass (Swarovski) also uses about 32% lead to make the glass seem clearer.

Glass Quartz has a random structure, while natural quartz has a pattern.


  1. There are many differences between glass and quartz. The first one lies in the silicone dioxide content; glass has roughly eighty percent, while quartz can contain over ninety percent.
  2. As an amorphous substance, glass has a random molecular structure, while quartz has a symmetrical molecular structure.
  3. Quartz can be subject to greater temperature and pressure as compared to glass.
  4. Both quartz and glass are utilized for electrical purposes; glass is an insulator, while quartz is a conductor.

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