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What colors are used to make the wood grain look when sandblasted? Are striking colors used?

Yes, many times a striking color like double amber purple, butterscotch and other similar colors are used.  They are then paired with blacks and browns.  The wood grain is usually a trade secret to the blower and how they mix it.

What type of bowl/slide is the best for airflow when using your waterpipe?

The bowl with the largest hole or holes in it. A bowl with a clean screen. Our diffused bowls are some of the best for airflow. Instead of a single hole there is a built-in screen with multiple holes meaning more airflow. This allows you to burn your herb quicker.  

Is there anything Elev8 can’t custom make? If so, how come?

We can not do soft glass.  But mostly with Steve having 16 years experiecne we find we can make near anything.  We will always let you know if we need to gain skills so you are never charged for this when doing custom.

Is there a brand of thermal bangers that work better than the rest? Ex: Is AFM’s thermal banger better than Whitney Harmon?

This all comes down to preference in our opinion.  Heating the banger has more effect on the flavor or harshness of the dab compared to the banger design.  The basic idea of a banger is conduction vaporization.  The heat needs to be enough to vaporizer the oils, but not so hot that it also vaporizes […]

How are the holes made in honeycomb percs?

This is done in a mold.  the glass is put in liquid and then press and removed.

How did glass blowing start?

The History of Glass Blowing Glassblowing is a glass-forming technique which was invented by the Syrian craftsman in the 1st century BC somewhere along the Syro-Palestinian coast. The establishment of the Roman Empire provided motivation and dominance of glass production by this method, the use of blown glass for everyday tasks spread. The Phoenicians set […]

How is the coil pot technique done in glassblowing?

See the blog This is an old school technique a blower uses to make their own tubing. Usually made on a blow tube with a colored stick of glass. Coil Pot by a blower – What you do here is get a blow tube, we usually use a 12mm tube. Flare the end open and […]

How does the glassblower adjust the thickness of the sleeve of a pipe?

If this means the clear that will go over a color or graal, or alien skin, this is chosen by the blower.  The more clear, the more it seems to be under the glass. As the blower pulls the pipe out the glass will get thinner as it is pulled, the diameter also shrinks.  Thicker […]

What is used to make the sparkles in some colors of glass (i.e. unobtanium or mystery aventurine)?

This is usually Chromium.  Then some other colors have something we just do not know.  They try to keep their special colors a trade secret.

How much would it cost for a name to be sandblasted on a water pipe/handpipe?

We charge $100 an hour.  We can usually do this for about $50.  This is for a standard name with a standard font.