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Why do we not sell colored 19mm female water pipe adapters?

The joints we have are just super big and crack when we try to make them.  It is not worth the effort to make them.  Clears work well.   Here are what we have

The 3 Flames of Glass Blowing

Oxidizing Flame This flame is as it suggests. This flame runs extra oxygen. It is a cooler flame than a neutral flame. The flame will sound like it is hissing and blowing out. This flame is used as a cool flame to preheat items, or work cadmium colors. This flame is used to remove crystalline …

What glass colors boil the most?

Cadmiums boil the most.  There have been huge improvements in the non boiling, but over the years the colors have become also less dense.  Most of these cadmium colors are sleeved, made into colored tubing or made into fillegrana.  

how many local artists does the Elev8 Glass Gallery support?

This is number we really do not know.  We try to buy from all local artists, be them from Colorado or from around the USA.  WE LOVE GLASS! I think over the years we have supported over 100 local blowers that have come through

where can a customer find more info on liquid arts glassblowing classes?

All the info needed here on the Elev8 Premier site. Glassblowing Class (Liquid Arts Glass Experience)

Do joints on pieces or bowl pieces need to be sandblasted?

No, what you are referring to is the grind.  This is used to make the joint perfect.  In our industry, a slightly imperfect joining might actually be better, so that it can not get stuck.

How are glass joints made for pieces?

Most are made by hand, some German joints are made on a machine. You can use a mold like most production shops and Premier use, or you can just make them by hand

Are the Trippy tech pipes recreatable

No, this color is very hard to produce and never comes out the same.

How is sexy butter glass made

This is a technique refined by the Elev8 Premier team.  A colored tube is used as the base.  Then color is applied randomly but well thought out.  Some secret colors are used to marble in and then the glass is then sleeved in clear 9mm tubing.  The goal is to thin out the color making …

How can you tell the difference between Quartz and glass just by looking at it?

It is hard on thin glass, but the thicker it is, the easier it is to tell.  Looking sideways into the glass if you see a green tint, it is boro, if is is super clear, it is quartz.  Quartz is just  a  little more clear