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What is fuming or fumed glass

Fumed glass is glass that has either silver or gold that is vaporized and then it attaches itself to the glass. See our list of glassblowing info here also

Why do some glass colors cost more than other colors.

There are many factors to this. Origin of the color plays a large roll.  Glass made in America costs more than glass made in China due to labor and material costs Minerals used in the color play a very big roll.  Gold is not cheap The batch size plays a large roll also.  The more […]

Can someone buy a Elev8 peice with the phonix oath a replace it with a higher value peice or does it have to be equal value.

Great question, well as an owner of both an Elev8 rig and the Phoenix oath, yes.  If something breaks that person can upgrade their piece to a new piece of higher value.  Of course, they would be paying the Phoenix Oath price of the new piece.

How do you make a dot implosion? Is it just dot stacking?

The best way to learn this is to come to an Elev8 Liquid Arts Experience. Dot stacking and dot implosion are way different.   Dot implosion is where the color is put on then gets “churned” up or imploded into the glass.

Why A Quarts banger is better than a glass banger?

Both will do the job if you treat them well. Quartz can withstand more drastic temperature changes than borosilicate glass.  A standard boro banger would be fine if people did not get them red hot.  It would be fine if it did not go past 1050 degrees.  This is when the glass would become basically […]

Is it dangerous to smoke out of a dirty bong?

Well, to some never taking a bath and smelling bad is ok, and they never get sick.  So, the weaker your immune system the more dangerous it could potentially be to smoke from a dirty bong.  Learn more here.

Is making a piece with cremation ashes harder than making one without.

A skilled glassblower can pull this off with ease.  But, any extra step requires more skill and time, so this is where the higher prices comes into play over a non-cremation glass piece. We can make pipes, cups, pendants, adult toys and pretty much anything out of the glass with cremation ashes.  See what we […]

Why does glass have to be clean when coming in for repair.

Glass needs to be clean when it comes in for repair because it is not the glassblower’s job to clean the glass of a dirty consumer.  If the customer does not have the pride or respect to clean their piece we can not help them. Dirty glass will cause it to melt very badly during […]

Why buy Elev8 Glass

Elev8 Glass is an affordable line of glass that can be hybridized to be unique.  Learn more in the blog where we talk about why one should be Elev8 Glass. High-Quality Affordable Glass Fully customizable with American marbles Can be purchased with the Phoenix Oath Glass Warranty All glass is inspected when we receive it, […]

Why do we sell diffusion beads for our terp typhoon instead of actual terp pearls that weigh much less and don’t need as much lung power?

The terp pearls with the terp typhoon are larger and they come with it because they are basically a free addition when you get the Terp Typhoon with the American or foreign marble.   While they are larger, they tend to work well for 80% of the people that use them.  If someone has weak lung […]