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When was the switch made from slides to glass on glass joints being the standard?

Well, this was a slow transition over many years.  We feel about the mid 2000’s is when this started to transition.  

Do we take out of state glass repairs? If so, how does it work?

Yes, the best way is to send them to our website to learn more and let the customer service rep take over.  You can order just the product fix here.

What production piece is the best seller on the website?

The DBV is the most selling production piece.  For glass it is our more affordable glass rigs under $150. Small Elev8 Beaker you can customize with a Elev8 Premier marble Heavy Wall Beaker Color Enhanced Dab Rig Elev8 Premier Dab Rig      

How many companies just make glass colors/rods/tubes for glassblowers?

There are more and more all the time.  Even Elev8 Premier makes colors using other companies’ colors.  EP only makes lined colored tubing. Northstar (One of the first) Trautman Art Glass TAG Boro Batch (ABR Imagery) Greasy Glass Hand of Man Tubing Fun House Glass Taffy Tubes Momka Color New Color Company (Parramore) Origin Glass […]

What is frit and how is it used in glassblowing?

Frit is small broken glass that resembles sand.  This can be applied inside the glass or outside.  See our blog for more info

What minerals are used in CFL glass?

This is a trade secret as of this time.  It is a race for the new hype color so many times this is kept as a secret

How many different ways are there to facet glass?

Faceting glass is a cold work process where a blower uses a diamond lapping wheel to put an edge on the glass.  This must be worked with many different grits of grinding until it is being polished with almost 2000 grit. Sometimes a blower will shape the glass so it looks like a facet, but […]

What’s the difference between a weld and a seal in glassblowing?

They are basically the same thing, but a seal is more talking about a weld around a tube.

What color company makes the cfl color Phaze?

Trautman Art Glass is the maker of Phaze

What is Illadelph?

Illadelph is a bong company