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Why is UV reactive glass different than “Glow in the dark” ?

all glass is different as the minerals allow the glass to reflect light based on what the mineral is.  Glow in the dark minerals are not the same minerals as UV reactive.  The mineral used in glow-in-the-dark glass can absorb energy.

How does the galaxy black color look like crushed opal?

This has to do with the mineral they add to the jet black glass.  This is a trade secret.  But it is NOT opal

In your honest opinion; is it easier for a soft glass user to convert to borosilicate, or the other way around, in their applications/techniques?

This probably comes down to the individual.  Some people can just pick things up faster than others.  Many of the techniques are the same for both soft glass and boro, just that the temperature is much higher for boro.

is a Milliefiori a type of murrine, or are they one in the same?

Yes in a since.  Millefiori is really a group of flowers or a design, while a murrine is more like a face.  They can be made the same, but are not exactly the same.

In some glass colors tiny bubbles just naturally form, does this suggest its durability would be less as well?

With these small air bubble the glass is just as durable, it just gives the glass a bubbly look.  These bubbles are caused from the minerals that are put in the glass to give it its color.

What makes “China glass” or “imported glass” bad ?

Nothing is really bad about China or imported glass.  What makes someone say this?  Well, the idea that jobs are sent over seas.  But this also allows people to get into the glass game at a more affordable price. Another thing China glass or import glass does allow is that blowers can use parts, color […]

Have you attempted to make a butter color out of a solid CFL color, or could you?

Butter color can be made with any color on top of another color.  Basically, the Butter Color pallet is endless.  Butter color can not be made out of 1 solid color.  Butter color is a layered glass.

is it true that, a well designed perc within a circular or round piece can prevent splash back to your mouth?

Yes, this is called a splash guard.  There are also other designs out there. But if you fill your waterpipe up too much, you will eventually get water in your mouth.

What is the difference between a klein incycler and a regular incycler?

Well, both recycle.  Any incycler has the return tube inside the vessel.  A Klein recycler is based around the Klein bottle. This Klein incycler looks much like

what would be the effects of a pearl within an auto spinner nail with drilled holes at 55, or 65 degrees rather than 45 degrees?

We feel the air is going in at an angle and will deliver the same basic effect, 55, 65 or 45 degree angle.