Category: Glass

How is a vortex encased in a horn

The vortex marble is made and then more glass is added to make it a horn

What causes a color to just be bad, Ex: Cracks easy/Hard to work with

This happens because the COE’s of the glass are not compatible.

how do you do scribble tech?

This is when a small piece of glass is made into a filligrana and pulled into a stringer.  Then the artist just scribbles.  The clear around the glass keeps the colors small and tight

how is a fab perc made?

Fab percs are made very carfully.  It is made just like any doughnut in glass, but a lot of t

can a marble have multiple layers of sandblasted and non-sandblasted glass?

Yes, an artist can do this many times, even trapping air in the relief sandblasted areas and sleeving it.

Can you work behind the torch with glass thats already been sandblasted

Yes, glass can be re worked in the torch after it is sandblasted or graaled.

Can Platinum be fumed

Yes, it is very expensive and does not add much, so it is rarely ever used in glass.

Is there a difference between alien skin and bubble trap?

Yes and no.  Our alien skin is a form of bubble trap, that is also fumed with gold and silver. See this for more info on bubble trap Cobalt Alien Skin Silver and 24k gold fume on top of Cobalt

what is the most usefully glassblowing technique?

The most useful technique is knowing how to make a marble round.  Knowing when the glass is at what consistency and what happens at that consistency.

How is colored quartz made?

Really there is not colored quartz, but it is usually fumed on the outside, to make it look colored.  The quartz melts at such a high temperature that the minerals burn out.