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Whats the difference between Murrines and Millies?

You can see Murrine here and Millie here.

what is Heraus Quartz and why do some people think its the best

Heraus is a maker of quartz.  While a German company their quartz is not made there due to the high cost.  Their quartz is also made in China. It is no better or worse than any other quartz on the market.  Thickness and quality of build is most important when glass is considered.

What is the difference between switchballs and wig-wags?

Switchballs are wig wags that have swtiched the axis

whats the difference between Ratacello and Fillacello?

A ratacello is mostly line work, and a filacello fills the clear with color inbetween. Many more terms can be found in our Glass Terms page

Could a customer trade in a non Elev8 banger for an Elev8 banger using the banger trade in program?

YES!  The goal is to get the crap off the streets and replace it with our Elev8 high quality bangers.

What causes color striking glass to change color

Many times it is the silver that is added, or crystals in the glass need to form.  Annealing will help the crystals to grow and give the desired color.  Ruby by Northstar is an example of a striking red, while double amber purple is a striking color mostly done in the flame.

Why cant you use hot water to clean soft glass?

Soft glass does not have the thermal expansion abilities as borosilicate glass.  Changing temperatures fast on soft glass will cause it to crack.

Does Elev8 make custom tubing for other artists?

Elev8 Premier does make Butter Color and Lined Tubing for glass artists as well as hand made joints.

What gave Steve the Ferankshanaw idea

The idea came from a piece of glass that sat for maybe 2 years.  Then the idea came and as a kid at about 6 he made the name up.  This was the time to combine childhood with his art.  The Ferankshanaw is a story every time.

Will you every make butter colors into rods?

We do that often for making horns.  This is not a product that we will make to sell.  Butter is only made in tubing as of now.