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How is frit made?

Frit is made by crushing glass up to small parts.  Then the glass is sifted into different sizes from a powder to a large coarse grain of sand.

Can i fix a minor repair on my rig with a big shot blazer

This is not really possible.  Maybe if you broke the glass and it was a sharp chip, and you just wanted to fire polish it, you might get away with that.  But if you want to weld or work a piece of glass, this type of torch will be difficult to use.

Who was the first person to blow glass pipes out of boro glass?

Honestly, we do not know.  But Bob Snodgrass was one of the first to start making pipes and fuming with gold and silver.  We are sure some glassblower made a pipe soon after boro was invented, but just never told or showed anyone.

How does one incorporate cremation ashes into a glass pendent?

The ashes are mixed in with the molten glass.  Many times the ashes bubble and make the glass look full of bubbly life. Sometimes people do not want to see the ashes or remnants of the ashes, so we can also put the ashes in glass and then incase that in colored glass so one […]

How do i know what glass is best for herb or for concentraes?

Really it all comes down to what you like best.  Typically an herb tube is larger than a dab rig.  But either works for either. One thing I like to consider is how close is the bowl or banger to my face when I use it.  Getting a waterpipe or rig that you love, is […]

How does a pinhole form or get left on the weld on a waterpipe?

This can happen as it is so small that the blower can not tell it is there.  You could not really see or feel this.  This can happen when two pieces of glass are joined together badly.  This can happen but a good blower will see the error and then fix it.  Not that even […]

What to do for glass you sell that is also on the website

Ok, so a lot of our glass over $200 is on the site, and with that said, there is still glass under $200 that is on the site.  We mostly only put glass on the website if it is over $200 as the time it takes to take images and put it up on the […]

What determines kiln time for a piece of glass?

The type of glass and the thickness determine how long a piece of glass is annealed for

How are they getting the millies small enough to get into terp pearls?

A millie can be pulled down to a hair actually.  The art will start to get hard to see, but it is there.  With a little clear on top of the milli, it actua

What is the best color to use as a backing for silver fuming?

This is a great question, but what is best?  We feel what is best is what the end purchaser likes.  Many artists only use what they like, but is that best?  We do find a very dark color like jet black or even that new galaxy is sexy.  But, clear is also way dope so […]