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Where does the highest quality quartz come from?

Quartz is Quartz. Most quartz is made in other countries other than the USA.  It costs a lot to melt quartz

What makes Boro color so special compared to other colors?

Nothing.  Boro is pretty new to offer color as it was made for scientific glass for its low thermal expansion.  About 25 years ago Bob Snodgrass started fuming boro and as the glass pipe market grew, the need and want for color grew.  The cannabis revolution is what mainly pushed the color pallets to grow …

how many different types of color is there between china color and boro color?

Today there are hundreds of colors made by many many color companies.  China only makes about 15 colors, but these colors are used by American glass companies as cullet to make their new colors.  They use this and add other minerals to change the color some, they also add more clear to help stabilize the …

Are there any types of tech in glass blowing that are considered rare techs not every artist can master or even heard of?

The bigger the build, the harder it is to make.  Any technique can be mastered, but to master

What types of stones/crystals can be incorporated into glass besides opalite?

Gilson opals work great. Cubic Zirconia also works well, but with glass on the outside, the synthetic diamond loses that sparkle. Moldavites  

Does vermiculite work to properly cool down and aneal something small?

While vermiculite will not allow perfect annealing, it is good enough to allow the glass to be and not crack.  The larger the glass, the more dangerous it is to let it cool.  Some people bench cool their work.

Is it possible to do fumestacks? Dotstacking with metal?

Yes, you can dot stack by fuming, and then using clear and or even black sometimes.

What is luster

Luster is a chemical and even sometimes fine glass.  When a chemical luster is used, it is very dangerous to breath, so Elev8 Premier stays away from it.

What are the benefits to doing handspun glass opposed to primarley laith assisted glass?

Nothing really.  Some things have to be done by hand, but if you can use a lathe, why would you not?  Tools are amazing!

Would studio/room temperature affect melting glass. Like if it’s 0 degrees will it take longer?

Not really.  Glass melts at such a high temperature that a 60 or 80 degree difference would not effect anything.