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Why do some glass colors crack with temperature stress easier than others?

This has to do with the minerals added to the glass to get the color in the glass.  Only clear glass has shall we say a perfect COE of 33.  As minerals are added to the glass it changes the COE and this can cause stress between the colors.  Then after time, or even a […]

Is there a purpose to the 45° angle opening on older style bangers like the Quaves?

We feel this was just done to make it look good.   Over time and with more and more carb caps the angle has been removed and a flat top banger is the banger of choice. Affordable angle banger Thick Elev8 flat top banger

Why are some glass joints grounded out while others are not?

This is also new to the industry.  The joint is ground to make a perfect fit.   Because this industry is not pure science a joint with a slight leak is ok.  Many hand made joints will never be ground as many of the blowers lack the equipment to properly grind a joint. We find a […]

Who was the first to use glass on glass joints?

Scientists.   The ground glass joint has been around for nearly 100 years. At some time someone in this industry decided to add a joint to the glass, moving away from a slide downstem with a slider bowl and grommet.  

how do you explain a reticello or RATACHELLO?

Mostly with an image.  You can see more at our terms. Basically it is stringers that are pulled and lain inside the glass in a criss-cross pattern.  

What is the most difficult percolator to make?

The one that has yet to be made. Artistic perc would be the hardest we feel as a lot of time and artwork has to be put into it.  Then it is placed inside the rig.  The bigger and more complex the perc, the harder it is to make.

How are fab eggs made?

Very carefully. This is a very complicated piece.  For the top or bottom, half a tube with a bubble is made.  Then the top part of the bubble is let to fall into the bubble making a half bubble.  Then holes are pushed to join the two parts.  This makes like a swiss cheese effect […]

How is chipstacking done?

Millies are made and then they care cut into small chips.  The chips are then laid out and melted together.   Then the “sheet” of glass it turned into a tube. Or each chip can be lain on a tube and then build a tube  

What is the proper way to explain a color pull?

On the basics we line a tube with rods of color.   Then we melt the color into the clear tube and then pull the glass.  This is a line tubing pull. Vac Stack Stringer Color Method There is also a color pull dip.   This is where we have molten glass and dip a tube of […]

How is a mushroom implosion done?

Mushroom imposition are done a few ways. One way is to make a 2-4mm stringer.  On the end make a round part, this becomes the mushroom head.  Then you push this into a clear glob of glass. Another way is to lay a dot and let the glass roll over it making a stem.  Then […]