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Is it possible to repair a broken perc inside a waterpipe or rig?

The simple answer is yes, but it can be so hard that it may cost more to fix it than to get a new one.  There could be scars and then there is the risk of it breaking still. So for this reason we do not really ever fix percs, but we can take a […]

Can you use glass crutches in a joint roller?

Yes you absolutly can.  They just must be the right size, and 8mm seems good.

How do glass artists decide how much to charge for the artwork

This is basic econ 101 They charge the most they can charge to keep up with supply and demand. The going rate is $100 an hour retail, up to about $150.  This sometimes included the glass. A very skilled blower has put 10,000+ hours into their craft and anything that does break has to be […]

What aspect of boro makes it difficult to connect certain colors?; Is this the same aspect that make certain colors more difficult than others to use in general?

It comes down to the minerals and amount of minerals added to the glass.  The more saturaged with minerals, like black takes a lot of heat to move it.  It has a lower visocity.  But they connect fine Sometimes for instance, if you have lined tubing and one side is all dark, and the other […]

is Sandblasting the only type of abrasive blasting done in glass?

This is the most common for borosilicate glass.   Soft glass can also be etched with an acid cream. Abrasives used are all over the board, but Aluminum Oxide is the most standard.  Sandblasting is called Graal

Can a recycler be good for the use of dry herbs?

Absolutely yes, and Steve the owner and glassblower uses a recycler for smoking dry herbs, but why would you if you can vape them in a Silver Surfer.   Yes, he also uses the recycler connected 99% of the time to his vape. You can use a recycler for any form of the smoke of vapor […]

When fire polishing, is it possible to accidently strike the color?

The answer to this is yes.  This is called flame striking.  Some colors like Elvis are self striking colors, but almost the same color Ruby must be put in the kiln and run in a way to get the glass to strike.

How does the terp pilar differ from a terp pearl other than its shape?

You answered your own question here.   They are the same, the move around when you inhale so you can have fun.  They also hold some heat so the banger set up will last longer without needing to add heat.  

What is Dichro made out of that gives it the metallic color changing effect?

You can find that info in our Glass Terms and Techniques Dichro Glass

How do I know when my banger needs to be replaced with a new one? What signs do i look for?

If your banger is broke, you need a new one. If your banger is looking white (called chazzed), this is from overheating the banger with oils in it.  The carbon from the burnt oils actually start to become part of the quartz glass, making it weak. If your banger is black, you can clean it […]