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What is the process like to mix colors together to form a unique color?

There are many techniques.  Most use colors already made and mix them, some add minerals to the glass to change them.

Is UV and CFL glass colors harder for blowers to work with compared to just normal colors. I know colors are harder because the different melting points and properties but would UV and CFL take it a step above that? Is that why pieces usually aren’t full UV, just accented?

UV and florescent reactive

How rare is it to add frit to a piece after it is done? What’s the process like to apply it on top without losing form of what you are placing it on

It is tricky to do if it is a formed shape.  The trick is to melt the frit and the surface of the form, not melting the inside of the form.  It is fast.

Does fume work depend on the glass melting point or the metals melting point. How much do those temperatures differentiate?

Gold and silver melt at different temperatures,  the working temperature of glass will burn off the fume, which is why most fume is incased

Can devitrification be fixed?

Yes and no.  Not all devitrification is the same. Many times it happens when glass is bent with a cold surface and warm inner.   This will cause devint to happen. Another cause can be overworked glass.  This is just what it is and can not be less worked for many techniques.  To fix this one …

Does all UV glass have uranium?

No, only the green UV glass has uranium.

Does boro have different molecular structures depending on where its from? Like region wise? Does it change with colors?

It is all a little differnt based on the sand used, and yes that comes from the region.  It also depends on the ratios of additions that will also effect the end product.

What is the difference between murine and Milli ?

Here you can learn a lot about glass. Murrine Milli

How do people get such fine stringers of fume when doing fume line work, It just blows my mind the detail someone can pull off from vaporizing gold or silver into glass

This is done by putting in a lot of lines on a big tube, then pulling it down smaller, then it seems to have even more lines.

Who makes the highest quality Raw American Glass?

Only US 33 makes raw borosilicate glass, and it is not good.  Elev8 Premier uses Shott glass, made in Germany by the people who invented boro.