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Is it worth it to buy terp pearls for your banger?

Investing in you is always good.  These are not necessary when you have a good carb cap.  But they are fun to play with, and how doesn’t like being a kid.  For pure function, you can do without terp pearls, but to enhance your experience they are a fun addition.

Is it possible to fix a percolator inside a waterpipe? Why or why not?

Yes it is, but it is very very hard to do do this.  Sometimes the way the glass is made, it has to be made in steps.  So if a perc breaks inside, it can be very difficult to get the pipe where it needs to be in order to fix the perc. Each perc […]

How do you put crushed opal into a piece or marble?

All you have to do is trap the opal in the glass.  This can be done by getting glass hot, rolling it in some crushed opal, and encasing it with a glass rod Or you could put some crushed opal in a tube with some frit and the frit will help trap the opal in […]

How does someone go about marbling glass?

This is a technique that is mastered over time. Basically, the artist puts some color on and smears it with clear.  Many times it is then completely covered with the clear rod, or sleeved.

What provides better percolation from downstems; Slits or holes?

Really this is up to you.  The more holes the less chance of it getting clogged.  The larger the holes or slits the less chance of clogging. Small holes are smooth and pure, while big holes or slits chug

How is the pricing on heady glass calculated?

Most American glass is based on the retail value of a good artist as about $100-$150 an hour.  Based on the skillset and branding the artist has will set it at either a lower or higher level.   This also includes insurance costs, health, product liability, commercial rent, commercial taxes and a lot of overhead.  While […]

Which glass blowing technique is more difficult, scalping pendants or creating rigs?

ah, well we feel making a rig is way harder.  It does involve sculpting, but not like a character, but to keep the tubes round and clean.  This is very hard actually. Sculpting while hard, can be practiced with clay making the process easier.  But making a rig can only be done when you make […]

Why do some glass have indentions near the joint that doesn’t act as an ice catch

Well, these are not ice pinches.  These are made so the joint can go on more easily.  See the images below, and if that indent was not there, the joint could not go on cleanly.

What is the difference between wigwag and worked wigwag?

Pretty much the same thing. We could say a wigwag is that back and forth pattern.  Then a worked wig wag maybe like a wigwag that is flipped again or spun. Wigwag Spun Wigwag

Why is it that different colored glass is more expensive than other colors?

So many things affect this.  1 is supply and demand.  New colors cost more because they are new.  Then maybe a batch was destroyed, so that has to be put into the second batch. The second is that the glass color could be a secret, this is worth more as others do not have it, […]