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What are some names of the pastel boro glass colors?

Boro sticks makes some really good pastel colors as well as some other new companies.  We find pastel colors are still new to the game and a bit shocky. As of now soft glass has many more pastel colors.

What is the most notoriously hard borosilicate color to work with?

The more minerals the harder it is to work.  So jet black could be that.  But then there are also colors like cadmium based that too much heat will cause to boil.  Cadmiums we feel are the hardest to work as they take the most time.   No color is really harder to work than another, […]

Are there any different types of glass that are compatible or mixable? (i.e. can you put a layer of clear borosilicate over soft glass? etc?)

The simple answer is no. What a person can do is slowly move up the chain of compatibility.  While 33 and 34 are not comparable fully, they will work, then you can do 34 to 35 and move all the way up to 104. This would only make a rod of different glass, and not […]

Is the same quartz glass used to make the more expensive and the more affordable bangers?

Yes, quartz is quartz and anyone who says different needs more education.   Most quartz is made in China.  It is then sent to the USA and is worked by Americans. Affordable bangers are cheaper in price usually because they are fully worked in China, or they are using thinner quartz glass.   The thicker the quartz […]

What is the oxygen tank used for when using a glassblowing torch?

The oxygen is used to get the flame hotter. Oxygen is what allows things to burn.  With no oxygen, there is no flame.  Oxygen in the air will allow a propane or natural gas fuel to burn, but not at its maximum temperature.  This is where oxygen comes in. Oxygen is not flammable, but oxygen […]

How is iridescent glass made?

It is made by fuming metals onto the glass.  Its kinda like dichro, but not in a vacuum, and yes, still different Here is a neat soft glass video.

Do all CFL colors have to be transparent? Are there any opaque CFL colors?

No.  Some colors will change that are opaque.  When canary gets worked it will glow yellow also in UV, but it not worked a lot it does not glow.  We have no clue why this happens. Other companies also have colors that change and are opaque.  This is a neat time in the color world […]

What causes a decal to come off of a brand new piece of glass?

This can happen if the glass was not heated up to 1100.  Also, if there was water under the decal and it was not allowed to dry it can cause issues.    

How are stemless waterpipes or rigs made? (Ex. Avant Garde or Salt’s Ripcurls)

Very carefully. Sometimes like Avant Garde, the glass is cold worked to get the holes and lines. As for Slat’s design, he presses in the side and then covers it with glass making a tube.  This takes a lot of time and patience but is super dope. We feel is the holes get to small […]

What is the purpose of the cad core on new evan shore bangers?

This is another idea of the thermochromatic banger.  As yellow boro glass gets hot, it will change color.  The idea behind this is at a certain color the banger is the proper temp.  Once you figure this out you can get a nice hit.  We feel just a cold start dab is way better as […]