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If people take more than one class are they able to advance their skills each time by learning new/ different skills?

Yes!  The more you are on the torch, and the more you learn, the better you will be.  We feel after taking your first LAE class it is best to rent some time on the Nation Torch for only $25 to learn the feel and flow of glass a little more.  Once you have about […]

What makes Elev8 Production glass better than other mass produced companies?

Well, it is more connected to you for one as a sales rep of Elev8. American ours is better in a sense because yes, our team makes it.  Our team pays their taxes, social security and all other taxed associated with working.  Our team also has the cost of workman’s comp compared to a garage […]

Can we make custom diffused slides?

Yes, you must find out the length, joint size, joint gender and colors.  To help with this contact Jeff. 719-301-0774

How much experience do you need in order to rent space out of Elev8 Premier Studio?

At a bare minimum, one must take a Liquid Arts Class.  This teaches safety and the basics of glass Talk with a sales rep at the store to book a class.  Booking a class with a sales rep helps them earn commission!

Is there any benefit to having a built in downstem versus a removable one?

This is all up to the user.  We will admit that a downstem that can come out, is WAY easier to clean.  A rig that has a downstem built into it really shows that the blower has mad skills!

How is the Butter Glass made?

You can see in this video how butter color is made at Elev8 Premier.

Can we make fumed Sidekick bubbler attachments?

Yes, if it is made from glass, and for sure if it one of our products, we can make it.

Can we make custom utensils such as chop sticks?

Absolutly yes.   If it can be made of glass, the Elev8 Premier team can more than likely make it.  They have over 40 years of combined experience.   Contact Jeff to get what you need made.

How did we achieve our Butter colored tubing?

This is made from 18 years of Steve on the torch.  He understands that glass is stable and what is not.   The line of butter we have solves his craving for glass to have one color inside and one color outside.  The Butter Color just works great and is sexy.  

How is Alien Skin Tech done?

Alien skin is basically textured glass that is fumed with silver and or gold.  Then sleeved in clear glass. Here is a blog on alien skin