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Is glass faceted before or after it is attached to the rig or after the whole piece is put together?

Glass is faceted before it is attached to the final rig.

Have we ever made a SSV or DBV wand with a built in glass screen?

Yes, it can be done.   Some people like it, but the holes still have to be large on a glass screen, so more herb gets by. You can see something like this This can also be made with the spherical flavor disc bowl

Is glass with crushed opal cost for than dichroic glass?

Curshed opal glass can cost more than dichroic glass for the fact that synthetic opal does cost a bit.   Then the blower has to do a bit more work to encase the opal than they do with dichro.  Really it comes down to time, and both that a lot of time to produce the prep.

Can lower quality glass degrade over time even if not used?

The short answer to this is no.  Glass is glass and takes over a few million years to degrade.  If glass is cracked or something seems it is degrading, this is probably from 1 of 2 causes. First, it may not have been annealed properly. Second, it could be that the colors were not compatible […]

Are there percolators that diffuse better than others?

We feel the more slits and the smaller the better the percolation.  BUT, if the holes are TOO small, it will clog.   So, this really comes down to how much you want to clean and how much percolation you want. See the percs here.

Are our diamond carb caps direction caps? Will they spin terp pearls?

Yes, the diamond carb cap will spin terp pearls, but the banger must be 25mm or larger.

It is very common for good bubble stacking to be sought out in purchasing a piece. Is it possible to have too much stacking?

This all comes down to the user.  Some like the bubbles stacking and some do not.  We feel if it stacks too much, it could allow water to come into your mouth.  So the right amount is perfect.

Are all millies created the same way or is there different ways of making them?

Millies can be made in a few ways.  Just layering is one way, and stringer stack is another.  These two ways can even be combined.

Why are glass colors that are essentially the same named differently? (i.e Lucy, and Pink Flamingo or green stardust and paparazzi)

Each color company names their unique color what they want.  So for instance Paparazzi is green sparkle and comes from Glass Alchemy, while Stardust is a blue sparkle and comes from Trautman Art Glass.  If you make the color, you get to name it what you want.  Sometimes the name indicates the color.  For instance, […]

Why is UV reactive glass different than “Glow in the dark” ?

all glass is different as the minerals allow the glass to reflect light based on what the mineral is.  Glow in the dark minerals are not the same minerals as UV reactive.  The mineral used in glow-in-the-dark glass can absorb energy.