Why does the coil or heater keep breaking on my wax maxer?

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This usually happens if you overheat the ceramic heater.  This happens if there are no more oils left in the chamber.  The oils actually help cool the heater down to help give it a long life.

Another reason the heater stops is that during cleaning the user uses a pick or something and lifts the heater up and breaks the heater wire.

Another idea that it may stop is if you have let oils drip out over the edge and into the heater threads.  While this does not stop it now, it can stop it if you remove the heater and put it back in as the oils will cover the contacts.

Try not to run your heater past 15 watts.

Open your heater with no oils in and watch it turn red, once it starts to turn red you will want to stop pressing the button or you will overheat the heater. But this is a good way to learn how the heater reacts to how much power you give the heater.  Just be careful not let the heater get bright red or orange as it will crack the ceramic and that will break the heater.



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