Why do we sell diffusion beads for our terp typhoon instead of actual terp pearls that weigh much less and don’t need as much lung power?

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The terp pearls with the terp typhoon are larger and they come with it because they are basically a free addition when you get the Terp Typhoon with the American or foreign marble.   While they are larger, they tend to work well for 80% of the people that use them.  If someone has weak lung power, this is a chance to show them smaller pearls.

There is no actual terp pearl.  A terp pearl can be anything you put in your banger.  There is no rule to the size, it is what one likes.  Some like it larger some like is smaller.

Pros of larger Terp Pearl

  • Holds more heat
  • Harder to lose if you drop it on the floor

Cons of a larger Terp Pearl

  • Takes more lung power to spin it.

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