Where do I go for help with questions that arise?

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Good day, when a question arises it is important that we are all utilizing https://elev8glass.com/

Please keep in mind that not every person communicates in the same way so inputting keywords vs a question may help some.  For example
You will see I asked the database ” How do I check for Messages” and there are no answers.  This does not mean the question was not answered but that the database needs more information.
  As soon as I put voicemail then you will see I had options. This 2nd picture is a result of NOT pushing the search icon after I put in the words
Using the database can be done in several ways and here are a couple:
1. If Urgent or ASAP, ask the question to see if there is an answer, if not then ask the person who can give you the answer.  Once you have received the answer and have solved the issue go back to www.elev8glass.com input the question as well as the answer provided. If it is so urgent you don’t have time to check the database first then that is understandable. But if you receive an answer it is your responsibility to then go back to see if it is available for everyone.
2. If NOT urgent you can ask a question and ask to be notified once it is answered.

3. Anything you feel is important.  For example there was a flavor disc issue a bit ago where we received the wrong size.  It is important that this also goes in the database because if a customer wants to question it themselves it would be there for them to know. Think of it as a place to communicate anything we have going on here.
4. Scenarios, yes, we need these too.  For example if a breaker blows in the warehouse, has it happened before? Where are the breakers? What could trigger it, etc.