What is the most common paper used to make rolling papers?

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Wood pulp rolling papers are the most popular papers, and this has been true for more than a century. They can even be blended with other fibres, and their texture makes them easy to handle.

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Brand Origin Fiber Size (mm) Weight Burn
Abadie France Rice 70×38 Medium Normal
American Spirit Belgium Flax 77×44 Med-Fine Normal
Athey (Tube) Philippines 76×28 Standard Free
Bambu Spain Rice 78×45 Fine Normal
Black Death EU Rice 68×37 Med-Fine Normal
Club Carre (Modiano) Italy Rice 70×44 Very Fine Normal
DLX Spain Rice/Hemp/Flax 84×45 Ultra-Fine Med-Slow
Gizeh Green Austria Rice/Wood 68×35 Medium Normal
Gizeh Green Extra Slim Austria Wood 70×28 Medium Normal
Gizeh Hanf Austria Hemp 68×35 Standard Normal
Gizeh Silver Tip Austria Rice 68×35 Ultra-Fine Med-Slow
Gizeh Silver Extra Slim Austria Rice 70×28 Ultra-Fine Normal
Gizeh Sphinx Austria Rice/Hemp 68×35 Fine Med-Slow
JOB France Rice/Wood 68×36 Med-Standard Normal
Joker 1¼ Belgium Wood 78×45 Fine Med-Slow
Laramie Blue EU Rice/Wood 69×37 Medium Free
OCB France Flax 68×35 Medium Med-Slow
Peter Stokkebye EU Rice/Wood 70×36 Med-Standard Normal
RAW Natural Spain Rice 70×37 Ultra-Fine Normal
RIZLA+ Blue France Rice 70×36 Fine Slow
RIZLA+ LLF USA Rice 72×40 Fine Normal
Samson EU 68×35 Medium Normal
Smoking Corn Spain Corn 78×45 Med-Fine Normal
Smoking Green Spain Hemp 78×45 Med-Fine Normal
Smoking Orange Spain Rice/Wood 70×37 Med-Fine Free
Swan 1¼ South China Flax 79×43 Fine Normal
Top France Flax 70×40 Standard Normal
Twister Austria Rice/Wood 68×35 Standard Normal
Urban Wraps Spain Hemp 79×45 Ultra Fine Slow
Wheat Straw LA+ USA Wheat 72×39 Fine Free
Zig-Zag Kutkorners France Wood/Flax 68×37 Fine Normal
Zig-Zag Orange France Wood/Flax 78×45 Med-Fine Normal
Zig-Zag Unfolded France Wood/Flax 68×36 Medium Normal

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