What is “Bubble Trap” or “Alien Skin” Glass?

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The bubble trap technique is when the glassblowing artist traps bubbles in the glass.  When done properly the bubbles can form lines and can look very nice.  Sometimes the bubbles are put in between  ratachello line work.  Bubble trap can be done in many ways.   The blower can push dents into the glass and then put glass on top of that dent making a bubble.  The can also use a frog to get a bunch of dents in a pattern, or they can sleeve glass with dents to get bubbles.  A glass artist can also use stringers and the sleeving technique to trap air.

Bubble Trap Alien Skin


This is a very neat technique we love here at Elev8 Premier. There are a lot of names for this. Its a form of bubble trap, sleeving and fuming. What is alien skin to us – WOW is how this makes us feel when we see it, so it must be out of this world. How it sometimes made is a dark tube, maybe jet black is used. Sometimes a blower will make their won coil pot tube. Once the blower has the colored tube they will roll it on a frog or take a knife and put lines into it. Then the blower will fume the glass with silver and or gold. We prefer to get that perfect fume of silver mixed with gold to get that amazing green color. Once you have this the blower takes it and puts it inside a clear tube of glass and then removes the air around it. This traps small air bubbles in the glass, hence why we call it bubble trap also. Alien Skin Alien Skin Alien Skin

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