What is a terp slurper?

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A terp slurper is a new design for the dab banger. While dab buckets have been common for several years, this style of bucket helps ensure less wasted product regardless of the size of the dab consumed.

Much like a traditional banger, the terp slurper has an additional tube leading down to an open tray or dish. Small slits in the bottom of the tube allow airflow to continuously flow as the user inhales, creating a vacuum that constantly “percolates” the shatter, wax, or resin moving it around the terp slurper to vaporizer better. With a carb cap, the percolation keeps the oil moving over the heated surface, preventing burning the product and allowing more time for the vapor to be inhaled.

The biggest advantage of this innovative new design of quartz banger is it allows more of the concentrate to stay in the banger and not get sucked out into your dab rig


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