What are the expectations that should be set for customers ordering custom glass? Time frames, pricing, refunds, warranty.

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1) Custom glass orders will cost at least 100$: the charge is for time for the blower and materials, as creating custom items are time-consuming and could have things that break.
2) Custom Work can take anywhere between 1-8 Weeks to complete, as the time frame depends on the glass shops workload and availability of the blower and difficulty of the glass product. We usually get them done in 2-3.
3) All Custom Order Sales Are Final: We must take payment for all custom orders before submitting the order, and we Do Not Refund any custom work. We will try to accommodate the customers custom glass order request to the best of the blowers abilities, but we must make it 100% clear to the customer that the final piece that is delivered, is the final production of the piece and we will not accept returns or refunds, as the cost is associated specifically with the blowers time and materials. If the customer wants to proceed with custom work, we must take payment for the estimated work and verify we have all of the customer’s contact information (Full name, phone #, email address, shipping address). Submit Trello with all photos, information, specific requests, as much information as possible for the blower to accomplish the request.
4) In the event we can do the order under the quoted price, the customer will be refunded the difference.

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