My Dab bat/ dab straw/ Glass component broke during use. Is this covered under warranty? Is this a manufacturer defect?

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Only the glass that comes with a vaporizer has a 30 day warranty against defects.

Glass that has been used is hard for us to determine if it is was manufacturers defect or not.  We try our best to test all the glass before we ever ship it out.  Many times a dab bat will go through 3-4 people before we ship it.  We hope this finds any defects that could be there.

Always send us a picture to and we can take a look.

If you want to protect your glass consider our Phoenix Oath Glass Insurance Program.  It is 8% over retail and if it ever breaks you get a new piece for 50% off.  You can also buy another Phoenix Oath for your replacement at 8% of the full retail price.

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