Is there a brand of thermal bangers that work better than the rest? Ex: Is AFM’s thermal banger better than Whitney Harmon?

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This all comes down to preference in our opinion.  Heating the banger has more effect on the flavor or harshness of the dab compared to the banger design.  The basic idea of a banger is conduction vaporization.  The heat needs to be enough to vaporizer the oils, but not so hot that it also vaporizes the fats and lipids.

What we have found is no raw quartz is made in the USA, but is assembled to make the American Banger.  This is just what it is as on a global level the USA can not make quartz cheap enough to compete with other countries at this time.

We feel the best banger is an e-nail like the Silver Surfer with the Quartz dab dish.

Learn more about conduction and convection vaporization.

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