How is the pricing on heady glass calculated?

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Most American glass is based on the retail value of a good artist as about $100-$150 an hour.  Based on the skillset and branding the artist has will set it at either a lower or higher level.   This also includes insurance costs, health, product liability, commercial rent, commercial taxes and a lot of overhead.  While this may seem high, one must look at other skilled trades, and we mean people that hold the skill very well, not a garage blower hacking away, but a blower that has put in 10’s of thousands of hours.

Electricians and plumbers run about $100-$200, depending on the skillset required.

Lawyers are around $250-$400 an hour.

What we need people to understand is that while a solid blower who may demand $150 an hour is not really making that much an hour.  If they are small they make more, but as one grows, they need help, that help is paid from the profits of the blower.  So if they make $150 an hour this could be a breakdown.

Blowers time 35%.  So the blower would make about $52 after paying all these things below.  Then what if the piece breaks???  The blower has to make it again?  All costs are the same, but now his hour’s doubles, so he is now only at about $26 an hour.  This is the battle a blower deals with.

Helpers time 20%

Accountants time 5%

Marketers time 10%

Insurance 5%

Taxes 5%

Rent 10%

Misc 10%

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