How do you correctly clean a quartz banger? Is there a way to keep it from getting charred?

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We find the best way to keep your banger clean is after clean it after each use. The biggest thing that gets your banger filthy is that when it is over the heater, the oils start to burn on to the banger. Doing low-temperature dabs is one of the most important things to do keep a clean banger. We suggest using tidy tips after each dab. To keep your banger from becoming charred, or burned you will want to not heat your banger up to glowing red with oils in it. As you heat it up this hot there is a reaction to the oils and the quartz. The oils get so hot the become carbon and start to adhere to the quartz causing charring. Then the banger is heated up again red hot with oils as carbon, the carbon will start to become one with the quartz.


Best way to keep a banger clean is by Cold Start Dabbing


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