How do you color glass or get color in the glass?

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Minerals are used to color glass.  Many times he minerals and ratio of the minerals in the glass are considered a trade secret to the manufacturer of the colored glass.  Here are a few examples of what minerals help the clear glass turn color.

Cobalt Oxide: blue-violet

Cadmium Sulfide: yellow

Gold Chloride: red

Antimony Oxide: white

Sulfur: yellow-amber

Uranium Oxide: fluorescent yellow, green

Chromic Oxide: emerald green

Note, when any mineral is added to the glass it does change it COE (coefficient of expansion).  While the clear glass claims a COE of 33 the colored glass will also claim a COE 33.  But this is not true that they are the same COE33.  They are close but not the exact same.

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