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The crafty is a convection-conduction hybrid vaporizer that works with both dry herb and concentrates. It comes fully equipped with the Crafty device, micro USB charger (short cord), two piece grinder, filling aid, cleaning brush, extra o-rings, three screens, and a liquid pad. It also has a built in poker. The temperature is preset to 180°C but can be changed through a free bluetooth app on your smartphone (104°F to 410°F). The app also lets you change how bright the lights are on the device and you can turn the vibration off. Once you have loaded the vaporizer, activate the Crafty by holding down the button for a couple seconds until the unit vibrates. A red light will indicate that the device is heating up, it will change to green and vibrate when it is ready to use. The heat up time is about a minute to two minutes. To kick up the temperature without the app you activate the Boost Mode. You do so by pressing the power button twice in a row. The device uses a single 18650 battery that can not be removed. The downside to that is when the battery dies the device will no longer work and you will need to purchase a whole new vape. An upside is, you can use the device while it is charging, as long as the device is at least at 25% charged.  It takes about an hour and a half to charge. The battery life is about 30 to 60 minutes.The Crafty device has an automatic shut off after one minute to save battery life. The device will vibrate to let you know it is powering off. Press the power button to keep the device on. To increase the vapor production there is a liquid pad that can be used for concentrates or as a spacer. Place the liquid pad on top of a half full bowl of herb for the best result. The liquid pad increases your vapor production for the best possible vaping experience. Most reviewers said they use the liquid pad even on a fully packed bowl because it does give a great vaping experience. To do concentrates place the liquid pad into the chamber and place a small dab on top. A little goes a long way, if you overload the chamber with dabs things can get pretty messy. The device has a two year warranty that does not cover the battery.

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