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Is there any way to protect against thermal expansion of a titanium enail cracking a joint?

A drop-down or male to female adapter would protect your piece but leave the adapter or drop-down at risk We recommend using only female parts that will be expanding.

How many glassblowers do you have at Elev8

We do not have glassblowers other than the owner is a glassblower.  Elev8 Premier is the go-to glass studio we use for our glass.  We also work with glassblowers around the world to offer an amazing selection.

What is the importance of low-temp. dabs?

When you low-temp. your dabs, you get all the medical benefits of your concentrates, as well as keep you lungs safe from harmful combustion level temperatures while also leaving the fats and lipids in the banger or enail. The flavor is improved with a low temp dab Hits are smaller allowing for the idea of […]

What is the best way to get Sharpie off am sandblasted pipe?

The best way is not put sharpie on the sandblasted glass. If you did end up with some sharpie on the glass it is easy to solve with some alcohol. Just use some 91% with a cloth and rub until it comes off.

What year did Elev8 Glass Gallery start

Elev8 Tejon started as a head shop back in 2015, while HEMP started as a headshop in 2006, and later became Elev8 presents HEMP in 2018

How do you archive Instagram posts?

To use the archive option if you have access, tap the “…” three-dots button on one of your posts and select to archive it. On your profile, in the top right corner, you’ll see the encircled clock icon, which opens your archive where only you can see posts you’ve archived.

How do I use a recycler or water pipe with my SSV, SUP or DBV

Using a water pipe, recycler or any dab rig with your Silver Surfer, Super Surfer or DBV is SUPER simple. All you need is a water pipe adapter to replace your mouthpiece with. The water pipe adapter needs to have the same size joint as your recycler or water pipe. If your water pipe has […]

What do you learn in a liquid arts class?

At a liquid Arts class you will learn to safely blow glass, you will learn how the glass melts and you will learn if you love it or hate the art of glassblowing. You will walk away with some glass pieces you make and we can also make you glass pipes or other things with […]

What’s the benefit of vaping through water?

Vaping through water enhances the experience by cooling the vapor and moisturizing the vapor making the hit smoother.

What’s the best way to consume CBD products

There really is no best way. Many people like to eat them. Some like to smoke them. Really you need to find what is the best way for you that you like. Bioavailability is important and vaping offers the highest form of bioavailability while eating is one of the lowest. We also find that vaping […]