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How do I remove sharpie from a glass piece?

The easiest way to remove sharpie is to use another sharpie to replace the old sharpie writing, then wipe the fresh sharpie away with a paper towel.

Do you offer advertising options through

We are willing to look at any partnership, but if you are looking to place ads with our sites, we only allow ads to be placed on You can contact us to place an ad with Elev8 Presents by sending an email to

How did you start your journey with SSV start?

The journey of the SSV started in 2004. There were other desktop vapes out there but they were inferior so we came up with the Silver Surfer. It was the first vaporizer in the industry to use a ceramic heater. It was also the first vaporizer that allowed the user to vape and diffuses at […]

What are the potential harms of dabbing

Dabbing when done right is not bad. What is bad is when someone does a dab that is too hot. When a hot dab is inhaled you are also inhaling the fats and lipids. These can hurt the lungs and actually have been known to cause lipid pneumonia.

What is the benefit of vaping and why should I vape over combustion?

Better flavor than smoking, more efficient than smoking, less smell than smoking. You can learn more here. You can learn the top 5 reasons why vaping is better in our blog here. You can also read a great medical article here.

Is quartz, ceramic, or titanium the best to dab off of? Which one is the most durable and which one has the best flavor?

This really comes down to you. As a glass company we love glass, and for bangers, we prefer the quartz. All people are different and we have heard why they like what they like and it all makes sense. If you talk about durability, titanium has it won. You can drop it, heat it and […]

Why is it called a head shop?

Many of the items in a head shop are for your headspace. Not necessarily to put on your head, but to expand your mind. The glass in a head shop is so artistic, it can make your mind wander. The goods in the store are many times used for cannabis and cannabis is used many […]

Whats are the actual percentages of smoking vs a joint vs vaping vs eating?

This is called bioavailability and you can learn a lot here .

I heard using percolators or water filters remove THC

This is not true. THC is not water-soluble so it cannot get lost in the water pipe. Some cooling of the smoke or vapor does happen, and when that happens some of the cannabinoids condense and stick to the water or glass. This does make the hit slightly smaller, but the coolness of the smoke […]

What inspires you, how do you come up with new ideas?

New ideas come to fruition with the need to solve problems. When a problem arises we work to make a product that will help with that problem. The first thing we strive for is the function must be on point. This is the main purpose of fo designing. The next thing we take into consideration […]