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Can I use my gift certificate in store or only online?

If you purchase a gift certificate online you can use it online and at either one of the brick and mortar sister locations. If you got a gift certificate from one of the stores you can not use it online, but you can use it at either brick and mortar sister store.

What is MAP pricing?

MAP pricing stands for Minimum Advertised Price. This is the lowest price allowed to show the price of a product. The vendor can offer discounts with specials, but they can not advertise the price below the MAP price.

Do we rent out vaporizers?

Not currently, but if you are down in Colorado Springs, we would love to demonstrate our different products with you!

Do we ever offer refunds?

Yes! Please refer to our return policy for guidelines to this.

What is OmniStar

This is the software company that runs our affiliate program we use for Elev8 At Home

What do I do if I have a missing part with my order

Please reach out to us with your order number so we could look you up. We will do some research to confirm and replace any piece you ordered and didn’t receive. You can reach us at or you can call us at 719-570-9928

Are HEMP and Elev8 the same LLC

No, each store is independently owned and operated. They all work together along with working with the website. As a group, we can Elev8 more than individually. If you do not see the glass in one shop, but want to see what is at the other the website is a great place to see the […]

How do I get to the knowledge base?

Here are all the knowledgebases: Elev8Distribution Elev8 Glass Gallery retail shops Elev8 at Home Partners

I am on online influencer, do you give free testers and promotional materials?

Depending on your reach we can for sure help out with promo items. We like to work with people but require they know about tour products and how they work. We also have a collaboration page you can sign up at.

Where can I find the newsletter if I am not a subscriber?

The best way is to join our mailing list here. You can sign up for the newsletter at the footer of our page on the right-hand side