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There are a ton of reason what makes glass cost what it does.1. The country of origin plays a big role in the end cost of glass.2. The name of the artist that makes the glass plays a large role in the cost of the glass. Typically a blower that has been making glass for a very long time and has perfected his or her skills will charge more. This is because the work is much cleaner than a garage blower.3. Does the USA artist pay their taxes or do they blow glass underground? This makes a big impact on the cost of glass. If the blower is a garage blower they are typically not paying their taxes that you and I have to pay. We do not carry glass made by garage blowers as they do not typically pay income tax, social security tax or Medicare tax, nor do they have workman’s comp insurance, building insurance or any insurance. The typical garage blower is also usually blowing in an unsafe area.

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