Why is quartz better than titanium?

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This is a loaded question and maybe does not have a definitive answer.  This really comes down to preference.

Quartz does not hold heat any better than Ti.  What makes a product hold heat is the amount of mass.  The more mass the more heat something will hold. The more dense the mass is the more heat that mass can hold.  Ti is a bit denser and therefore could be said to hold heat better than Quartz.

We really like the thick wall bangers as they have a lot of thermal mass to hold heat and give a clean hit as they are quartz.

Quartz is better than titanium because:

  1. It gives a cleaner flavor
  2. It does not oxidize like Ti.
  3. It will not expand as much as Ti making it less likely to break a female joint.  We find that if you use Ti it is best to use the Ti part as the female, this way the thermal expansion will not break the glass as it is on the outside.

Titanium is better than quartz because:

  1. If you drop it it will not break
  2. At high temperatures Ti starts to oxidize

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