Why is hempwick a more flavorful smoking experience than a butane lighter?

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This we feel is a matter of opinion.  I mean if you are looking for flavor consider a vaporizer.  Only a vaporizer can give you the true plant flavor you are looking for.

One reason is that a butane lighter can burn around 3400 degrees while a hemp wick is about 1800, so about half the temperature.  The issue is still that once the bowl is lit, the combustion of is happening and it is still at about 1500 degrees, which is still too hot and is destroying many of the active ingredients.

If people come in and ask for this mention if they love flavor have they considered a vaporizer?

We still do not fully believe this as if you use a lighter properly you should not inhale any butane.  Butane is burnt in a lighter so you should not taste it.  But you can also just tap a lighter to the bowl to catch it on fire.


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