What to do for glass you sell that is also on the website

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Ok, so a lot of our glass over $200 is on the site, and with that said, there is still glass under $200 that is on the site.  We mostly only put glass on the website if it is over $200 as the time it takes to take images and put it up on the site.

When you sell a pipe that has a hologram sticker on it you must text Becca with the image of the item showing the sku.

If you do not let us know you sold this, it will make a huge issue when a customer does buy it online.  The pipe will not be there and it will eat a lot of time up.  It is very very important that you send the sku and or image to customercare@elev8distribution.com.  If the pipe does not have a sku on it, you will have to look for it on the site.  Never ever remove the number written on a pipe, this is to make this process easy.

See the info on the form for sold glass that lets the web team it is sold.


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